20 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

  1. beautiful ikats and eyes- I was just looking at some pictures of DG in old age last night after looking thru Irish houses. Ikats are so pretty-cant wait to check out this link.thanks for sharing. G

  2. some gorgeous eyes !!!!

    it’s funny how this pattern has
    become so ‘hot’ in the past few years !!
    i react to ‘ikat’ like i do ‘flamestich’.
    i MUST love the colors.


  3. We drove by one of the Guiness’ country estates outside Salisbury, England last year..it was perfect…big rambling Tudor house and lots of Range Rovers in the circle drive..all with ikat seat covers (just kidding!)

  4. Such a great contrast between the refined icy blue and the warm ikat colors/pattern. Thanks for sharing these!

  5. Mrs. Blandings – you do know this image is from the famous Vogue book?! I have always been haunted by this picture – those amazing Mitford eyes!

  6. Emily – I did. More reason to haunt our bookstores. As someone said to me today, “Oh, that helps explain part of the appeal,” referring to the sisters.

  7. Thanks for the source for the ikat. I have been wanting to re-uphoster a chair with ikat material.
    I love you site and how you mix things.

  8. Please properly credit the Guiness photo. It was taken by my father, Slim Aarons and is c Getty Images!

    Many thanks.

  9. Mrs. Blandings,

    Would you happen to know the fabric on the dining chairs on the cover of Lonny? I'm obsessed and consider you all knowing. thank you.


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