Off the Rack

My magazine club met last night and one of the issues we discussed was the February/March issue of Western Interiors.  When Rosie heralded the arrival of the mail today I was delighted to find the April issue in the slot.  The crew last night agreed that the magazine is very strong and this issue does not disappoint.  I was especially charmed by Dan Marty’s Los Angeles apartment, pictured above.  (Marty owns a showroom in L.A.  Check his site as the vignettes are quite inspiring.)  Another feature that will be a fan favorite is a project by C. Renea Abbott, owner of Houston’s Shabby Slips.  Do pick up a copy, or better yet, subscribe today.

For much better coverage of Marty and the changes at Western Interiors hop on over to Katie Dunham’s Katie Did as she did a much better job than I.

Image above, Tim Street-Porter.
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21 thoughts on “Off the Rack

  1. I love that you have a magazine club! How fabulous. Now, if only I could find someone to join me, I’d start one of my own!

  2. A caveat … everything is too low in that room … the pictures are hung too low … or there aren’t enough … am not quite sure … but look at all that bare wall space above! And what’s on the mantel is too much the same colour and too clumped together. The furniture though I like very much. It’s like an English country house … but he needs to increase the art and fill those walls …

  3. Suzy – born from an evening when a group of women agreed they wanted to get together but could not commit to reading a book. It’s a blast.

  4. Aesthete – I do see your point. The image in the magazine is cropped a little differently so it doesn’t accent it as much as this on the screen – which doesn’t answer the issue of the actual room, of course. Perhaps it’s a result of merchandising for the showroom. As Mr. B says, “People are like deer, they never look up.”

  5. Days of perusing the ready to wear racks for something with that “couture” or “bespoke” touch has always held allure for me. I guess I am the same way about certain magazines. I just picked a few up this morning from our local rack in town. It is a spot where one can have a coffee, an egg on a roll and magazines a plenty.
    Cottage Living and Dwell.

  6. Beautiful. The art could be hung higher as I tend to do that. It heightens the feeling of the space. As sometimes hanging draperies close to the ceiling, not at window top. Of course I feel the more art, the better!

  7. OK – first of all, a MAGAZINE club?! how sublime! is it all shelter mags, or does a US or People crop in occasionally?

    I have to say I am not loving that tortoiseshell on the mantel – it reminds me of a big cockroach – but perhaps it’s because of the monotone arrangement that Aesthete pointed out. (The idea of it is very unexpected and to be commended.)

    However the issue of the blank walls may very well be the camera angle and the oversized fireplace which looks like it’s 6ft tall so that the paintings are indeed at eye level – I think Mr. Marty should invite us over so we can properly experience the space!

  8. One of my very favorite magazines, but where is my April issue!? Ggggrr…..I am tired of seeing new issues at the grocery store and mine having not arrived yet! Thanks for giving me something to be excited about, though!

  9. Emily – just like book club, the hostess chooses the magazines. So far we’ve done two at a time and, as I hosted this month, we did Western Interiors and Vanity Fair. Last time was Elle Decor and the New Yorker – could be anything!

  10. Hill Country – I feel your pain. My Elle Decor has not arrived and my big city friend has had his over a week. Called to say, “Have you seen the …” grrr. Even the grocery does not have it as I would have bought it by now. Maybe today.

  11. love the mag club… how fun… i will go pick up a copy… so happy to hear the rally over some magazines i felt had been asleep…

  12. Wow…that tortoise shell is amazing…beautiful pieces in the room but the scale and balance is way off. I perused Marty’s pages on his site and the “game” room is spectacular…but again, beautiful pieces, and a small table in the middle of the room…odd.

  13. dan’s showroom is one of the best at the PDC. I never miss it. what’s this magazine club? I want a magazine club!

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