Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

Let’s be frank, we’ve all passed on a few things that still haunt us.  I’m a bit sick that I did not grab this table and hoist it onto my shoulder and carry it down the stairs at the River Market Antique Mall the minute I saw it.  No, instead, I thought about it.  Posted about it.  Then, returned, to find we were not meant to be.  I’ve gone back to the spot just to reminisce.

While there, I’ve stood, weight on my right leg, left hip slightly jutting out, arms crossed, head cocked slightly to the side to consider these chairs.  I wanted them, but did I need them?  Yes, that is what I wondered until I went this week and now they, too, are gone.  Rats!

I was there to pick up at least one of these enameled silver pieces that have been there for weeks and weeks and, guess what?  Gone.  What the heck?  Will I never learn?

The basalt bowl is still there, but I didn’t get it.  Just not sure.  I might pick it up the next time.
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21 thoughts on “Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

  1. I so know what you mean…. however, if I am not sure, even if I regret it a bit later; I do feel my decision was the right one. I have also sold/ given away pieces that for a just a moment,later wished I hadn’t!

  2. In the interest of enabling future purchases, I’m going to direct you to an article about “saver’s remorse” in yesterday’s New York Times (“Oversaving, a Burden for Our Times,” in the Science section). It’s a little bit ridiculous; all the same, it did encourage me to purchase a new sweater. I love your blog–thanks for sharing your writing with us.

  3. I smiled when I started reading this because I vividly remember all of these things. The bowl you could probably always make room for. When the next chair comes along, it will be doubly hard to decide b/c you’ve got quite a collection going, no?

  4. Oh that stinks! I hate when that happens. You better hurry back and pick up the basalt bowl before it disappears!

  5. Oh, the ones that got away . . . but you never know when they may reappear — strange things sometime happen!

    I probably buy and regret I did more often than not buy and regret I didn’t!

    In a house the size of Linderhof, that is not a good thing!

  6. I smiled in recognition when reading this post. I still feel a pang when thinking about the antique Swedish settee that got away (I thought about it way too long). I too posted about it, a long time ago. I think that is why I am a better reproduction buyer; I can think and think and think about it, and then order it when I decide.

    I like that comment from a fellow reader – you never know when something might reappear – I may email the owner of the antique store and ask her to be on the lookout for a settee similar to the one that got away.

  7. oh-i’m going through that right now! i went back to revival for these great yellow dining chairs and they were gone! i keep checking back thinking someone might return them.

  8. Sorry to be getting back to you so late. I bought the bowl. Not that everyone’s opinion doesn’t carry a lot of weight, but once Aesthete told me to do it I drove straight there.

    And, Courtney, it’s wise to point out that there is not a lot of chair space left here. It’s probably the universe taking care of me.

  9. you snooz, you lose.

    i have a rule , if something is a really great deal, and an exceptional piece that i just can’t pass up.
    i don’t.
    i keep telling myself that i can always re-sell it to a client at a later date.
    sometimes i do , sometimes i don’t.

    but it is always a great way to justify a purchase on a hard to find (or replace item).


  10. Darn, I was going to buy it and secretly stash it away.
    Then, when you would come to NY or I to Kansas, then I would be prepared to bowl you over. I can imagine limes or lemons looking stylishly zesty in your home.

  11. Oh my….I hate it when that happens and it’s the ole “you snooze you lose” and I have been there too many times. My practical side talks me out of things and then I regret it.

  12. I am counting my chairs…….I am sure to beat you…and I am sure my house is smaller…….I have always had a complete love affair with chairs…..we are in some good company

    Bunny Williams…….also!


    ps thank God you got the bowl! and thank AE too!!

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