Rooms to Inspire in the Country

Blogging is funny sport.  Sometimes I have a plan.  Sometimes I have a plan for the whole week and I scan and download and save.  And, sometimes, it’s a jumbly mess and it comes or it doesn’t and well, you get what you get.

I’m not implying the planning is better; it just sometimes happens.

When I fell hopelessly and madly in love with Bruce Burstert’s work I wanted to lay it all out within one week so it would be uninterrupted.  

And then yesterday, arriving home from carpool, the boys spied the envelope sandwiched between the door and the storm.  “Hooray!” from one and groans from the others as they all assumed the youngest’s birthday bounty continued.

But no.  It was for me.  A peek inside the up-coming release of Rooms to Inspire in the Country by Annie Kelly and Tim Street-Porter.  It may seem like I buy design books willy-nilly, but I do not.  I have to see that we will develop a long term relationship, that I will return again and again to the pages.  It was a happy coincidence that I had recently been inspired by Bruce’s country house.  He would be quite at home here in this new book and I think you would, too.  
The subtitle of the book is “The Infinite Possibilities of American House Design.”  Indeed. Think I’ve given it all away?  Not even close.  Plan ahead and reserve a copy today.

Images from top, which is also the cover, the Connecticut home of Dana and Fritz Rohn, Juan Montoya in the Hudson River Valley, Michael Trapp in Connecticut, Henry Davis Sleeper in Massachusetts, Kelly and Street-Porter in Connecticut and Steven Gambrel in Sag Harbor.

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10 thoughts on “Rooms to Inspire in the Country

  1. The 1st shot with the green and the blue and white is so graphic and modern in feeling. So fresh- but yet traditional. LOVE it!

  2. Like the room / study with the cubies for the rlled up drawings. The large shell, fabulous also interesting the frames w/ out art on the walls. Great view & pics!
    lamaisonfou blog

  3. Oh, I feel the pain of your plan as well as the pain of my little one, when we open the mailbox and she proceeds to exclaim, “It’s for you again!” Sigh.

    I think I should plan ahead and leave a manilla envelope or some seed in my mail box for her just as you leave for me every day.

    What about leaving a little something for your boys.
    Something to make them as contented as Mrs.Blandings is with an envelope. Was it manilla?

  4. Thanks for the peek, Mrs. B! I used to have a print of that wonderful Zurbaran painting of the lemons and oranges over my kitchen sink, which made doing the dishes much more pleasant.

  5. The blue & white against the green mantle, very inspiring…….I love to receive something quite unexpected in the mail!

  6. OMIGOSH!!! What a great book…just saw those two at a party for the Tony Duquette fabric launch! They are the best (Tim and Annie)
    I was so lucky to have our house in Pasadena in their book..The Los Angeles House..a great book also!

    I went to Henry Sleeper’s house museum in Gloucester Mass……I bought 6 tickets in one day because the docent kept coming back to find me! It is my favorite!!

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