At Loose Ends

I have an itch to paint.  I just finished painting the playroom and while I started in December (it’s complicated, more later) I just don’t want to put the brushes away.  A floor would be fun.  Or a ceiling.  Did you notice that this one is blue?

Pottery?  Yep, these were sprayed black which would be easy as pie.

A headboard for the poor, neglected third child?  This would offer a chance to use the jigsaw as well.  Bonus.

Stair risers as I’ve never been able to settle on a runner?

Speaking of easy, I’m such a pushover for black and white and nearly any other color.

The inspiration for the playroom project was Albert Hadley’s Trixie wallpaper through Hinson.  I had it sent from the Chicago showroom so I asked them to throw in the fabric just in case.  It’s been living on my desk for a while.  Trixie likes it here.  Right here in the office where I can see her.  Maybe I should put away the brushes and pull out the staple gun.  
All images from Rooms to Inspire in the Country by Annie Kelly.  Photography by Tim Street-Porter.  From top, Ellen Ward and Chuck Scarborough’s Connecticut home, Carol Bokuniewicz and John Smallwood’s home, also Connecticut (I can never write Connecticut without thinking of the nightclub employee in the movie Holiday Inn.)  Final two images, Steven Gambrel in Sag Harbor.
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11 thoughts on “At Loose Ends

  1. Mrs. Blandings: That you even mentioned the guy from Holiday Inn sent a shiver up my spine. I quote his “Can anyone tell me the way to Connecticut?” every time that state’s name enters my mind.

    We are simpatico and it freaks me out sometimes.

  2. I vote for the ceiling! I’ve always wanted to, but never had a room where I thought it was right. (But if the next house ends up being the one I’m hoping for, the square dining room with the coved ceiling gets a pale, silvery blue)

    Photos when you’re done please, ceiling or playroom, or even better, both.

  3. The jigsaw, a brush, a staple gun – all sound full of intrigue and danger. Can the dreaded glue gun be far behind. Do show us the neat and tidy loose ends, tied up and woven into something magical a la Mrs.Blandings style.

  4. Paint the stair risers for me. Mine need something and I have never decided on a runner either. What color will you use?

  5. I have always wanted to paint the floor in my kitchen and/or dining room. LOVE the black and white. I’m thinking something like that, but with the natural wood as a border.

  6. This post really spoke to me, as I have been looking through my shelter mags for inspiration. Yes, I want to paint a room, a ceiling. Recover the dining chairs with something exciting. I did paint a canvas rug for the sunporch. The jigsaw might be too much for me to tackle, ha,ha…not for you though Patricia!

  7. Love the jigsaw idea. My easter present was a new festool jigsaw. It was the lightest in weight and those Germans know about tools! It attaches to a dust extractor (husband has allergies, means I get better tools). You could dance a jig with this thing! Curves are a cinch. Follow your heart, or at least your paintbrushes.

  8. Love it all. I am desperate for some warm weather up here so that I can start my spray painting marathon.

  9. I vote ceiling – nothing changes a room more! I’ve seen several really beautiful grey ceilings lately, usually couples with white or cream walls. The effect is so sophisticated.

  10. I would love to read more of your thoughts on painting stair risers. While I know that white risers are typical, who wants typical? I’m thinking about painting mine something other than white because 1) it will hide scuffs 2) it will not be typical.

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