Chris and Roy Set the Table

There is so much inspiration to be found from dining events and the tables that the designers put together.  I hope to have pictures from Dining by Design soon, but in the meantime wanted to share these images from Christopher Spitzmiller and his table at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House party at Sotheby’s.

Christopher threw the pots in the center and Roy Hamilton created the wood grain.

Roy also threw the chargers.

They used moss around the base of the centerpiece and the tablecloth and napkins are felt.  I love the restraint on the centerpiece.  The ferns are so lush and the empty vases become sculpture.

Chris said someone came by and felt the tablecloth during set up and said, “Oh, cashmere!”  A good reminder that people often see what they expect to see.  The mix of high and low, while adding some dimension, can also bring the “low” up.

The charming frog place card holders were floral district finds.  Be sure to click the images to see the pottery in detail.  I must say, some of my favorite pieces are the low votive holders; the candlelight makes the glaze glow.  Information on both Chris’s and Roy’s work can be found here.
All images courtesy of Christopher Spitzmiller.
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9 thoughts on “Chris and Roy Set the Table

  1. I especially love the way the china looks like it is ready to get up and dance. My it is nearly falling off that table. Reminds me of many a NY evening where people are packed in like a “can of sardines!”

  2. I think the low votive holders are my favorite too. Love the frogs! Beautiful work as always from Chris and Roy.

  3. The tables are beautiful, but you’d never see who you’re playing footsie with across from you. I’d like to see how your dress turned out, and if you ever got that cuff?

  4. For one mad moment, I thought your post was titled “Siegfried and Roy Dress a Table” 🙂 It is quite beautiful, but a shame that it was so crowded that the plates had to be so precipitously placed! CS is a great talent indeed.

  5. Moss on tabletops is one thing I adore. When I lived in Williamsburg in a decrepit Civil-War era carriage house, we put moss on our mantelpiece and planted flowers in it. Anything to relieve the dreariness of NYC in February! Lovely photos, thank you!

  6. I love beautifully set tables. I just don’t know where they get the time! We’re having a small dinner party tonight and I was stressing out about whether I’d have time to slide a tablecloth onto the table before people arrive. Drama! LOL

  7. The cashmere comment made me laugh. Quite a few years ago, my husband fingered a cashmere wrap I was wearing at a Christmas concert and asked admiringly if it was felt. His sister and I just about fell down laughing.

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