En Pointe

I have the oddest bug.  It’s sort of up and down, better then woozy.  Yesterday I made a lot of progress on the Churchill biography but Monday night it was too heavy.  In every way.  Fortunately, my Elle Decor arrived so even through the fog I could take in the pretty pictures.  The one above reminded me of the toe shoe reference from yesterday.  Maybe that is where my love affair with ribbon began.

Which then reminded me of this one, another favorite.  The graphic criss-cross is fantastic, but the break of her skirt?  That’s the kind of thing I would remember even in a fevery stupor. 
Both images are rooms by Vicente Wolf.  The first is by the designer himself from the May 2009 issue of Elle Decor.  The other image, from Learning to See, is by Peter Estersohn.  
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17 thoughts on “En Pointe

  1. Mrs. B – I LOVE the ribbon idea! Gorgeous way to do it without being too frilly (always a ribbon hazard). I really enjoy your blog – I’m adding you to my blogroll!
    Sanity Fair

  2. As a child, I was enamored with ribbon. My dear friend Margaret, lived in an old house in the Highlands, and her room had grosgrain simply hung from the top of the ceiling/ glued down the wall, about every 10 inches. Her mother was a needlepoint fanatic and had two wing back chairs by the fire that she had done, “Bargello, Flame stitch” – she worked for Elizabeth Turner and finished all my needlepoint for me. She was tall, chic and had the loveliest lilt to her voice.
    Then in college – I was fascinated with tucks, pleats –
    inverted being most flattering.
    Now you feel better and keep showing us the kind of things that help you to get to the other side.

  3. Patricia — I went through a phase when I was obsessed with that tailored table skirt. I had something similar made for a vanity table — later moved on to something else but still love the slits.

  4. Patricia – Sometimes I wonder if your life is just exponentially more interesting than mine or if you are just paying closer attention. The ribbon on the walls sounds wonderful.

  5. I have always wanted a bath and dressing area that could carry a beautiful vanity with a skirt like this. It is all in the details isn;t it?!

  6. Hope that you are up and about asap. Candice Bergen has amazing ever evolving taste. Although not immediately apparent… both she and Saint Laurent/Berge are masters of counterpoint. The refined with the ethnic. Perfect. Once again, thank you!

  7. the table’s skirt is phenomenal… the pleating, the criss-cross’d ties, the texture, the color. I can’t get enough of it. I want one.

  8. so lovely. i’m a huge fan of mr. wolf’s work and can’t wait for the latest issue of elle decor so i can see his latest project. he is such a master of color and the DETAILS.

  9. I love both of these and am mildly obsessed with this vanity and the ribbons. I love your picture for Divine Design too. great find. just the visual candy I needed!

  10. I too have a ribbon fetish – and have done mini versions of those screens for desk tops – makes me want to make a few more for my fall season

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