Hello, Granny

I am a 70-year-old woman in a 43-year-old body.  And I have been since I was 19.  I bought these lamps the other day as combination reward, retail therapy and economic stimulus.  I adore them and have been stalking them for a while.  As I have had a streak of things on my wish/wait list being purchased when I return cash-in-hand, I decided to actually buy these instead of mourn them.  They are not white, but a really lovely celadon to pale blue.  The front hall was dullsville and these seemed the perfect pick-me-up.  Perplexed at the prospect of shades, I stood in the lamp shop yesterday befuddled.  As one option was placed upon the harp I cocked my head and said, “Kinda old lady.”  The lovely woman helping me bit her tongue, but pointedly raised one brow.  
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22 thoughts on “Hello, Granny

  1. My dear Mrs Blandings, Might I suggest shades in a pinstriped orangey-red/white material? Very smart and elegant?

  2. I was reading the post on Urban Dwellings, is the little pup a Border Terrier? It looked like my Border when he was a pup!
    Also, like the lamps! Vintage & chic!
    lamaisonfou blog

  3. Guess why I’m called Granny? You got it. I’ve got the same problem.

    I, of course, would have gone for the lamps too. I like AL’s idea of a shade with splash–so not “granny”!

    Have fun!

  4. Love them, and with the right shade they’re not granny-esque at all. Congratulations on not letting them slip by!

  5. I’m thinking tapered rectangular plain card with very fine vermillion water coloured set in borders. That’s what I’m thinking.

  6. oh Patricia, the world of lamp shades is wild woolly one that I still haven’t figured out myself….

  7. mrs b-

    it’s my humble opinion that the shade will make or break a beautiful lamp.
    your new lamps are beautiful (glad you bought them)

    you can actually put the perfect shade on a teapot , and it looks like a great lamp.

    so take your time.
    when the right shade is on the lamp…it will scream “PERFECT !! buy me, buy me. “


  8. Something in an orange pagoda shape too much? (I’ve mentioned that this is not my forté…)

    Funny, one of the first things my tailor said to me was: “Do you dress like this everyday? I haven’t seen that in years…” Birds of a feather, Mrs. B.

  9. If these are “granny,” then color my hair blue and put me behind the wheel of an Eldorado! Love them.

  10. Just completely jealous. What a great find. I keep thinking about more flat wide mushroom shapes, like audrey hepburn hats with silk, maybe an old kimono? You could have several shades and change moods.

  11. A straight up drum will add a contemporary edge and stop them falling into the “granny” category. Or a powerful punch of color.

  12. What’s wrong with granny??? or kinda old lady??? Style is Style and it is ageless (a gorgeous old object or a mediocre brand new one?)

  13. I agree with Aesthete and Rory. An orangey shade would look great and will work well with the orangey bands on the lamps. Now, in terms of shapes…all I can say is good luck!

  14. Yes, they are very special.The shades will really make them stand out. Even repeating the red/orange in a stripe around the top rim of the shades

  15. Please Mrs B, not a pagoda shaped shade! Nor anything with a nipped-in waistline. Very old lady. You want what has been termed, variously, the Pembroke shape (Vaughan) or English Barrel shape (Restoration Hardware, excellent in box pleated silk) and you want it in ivory not white.

  16. Hey “Lady ga ga” – I see a black shade, with some sort of hot persimmon interior. Perhaps you could find the black shade and paint the interior that color. Just stunning lamps for a lady – a “timeless” lady.

  17. Love them and agree that a patterned (stripe?) shade would make them look super awesome. Great find!

  18. Hey! from one granny to anohter! great lamps! how about square shades……. a couple of inches narrower at the top….ivory silk……..very cool!!

    some red trim all around… top and bottom……….(match red on lamps)

    .also down the sides to corners………

    those are GREAT LAMPS!!!

    We need to recast "Granny " as a positive!
    no longer a pejorative name!

    Yikes! I just read the other posts! Lordy!

    what kind of light do you need? black shades with persimmon lining??? Not if they are your source of light! I am in with some major movers and shakers here….and I am also a granny……I'm for the ivory silk simple shade…….with some red trim top and bottom……translucent…….(so the light doesn't go up to the ceiling and down to the floor…….(black shades do that)……..

    Good luck! LOVE,LOVE< LOVE the lamps! Bravo!


    Granny Penny
    ps google "Penny Bianchi" (in quotes)…and you can see my house…….and chickens…..and stuff! And shades!

  19. Oh ps…….I forgot to add..I have been a decorator for 40 (YIKES!!) Years…….

    And I am a 40 year old trapped in a 62 year old body!

    However…..Grannys often know best……..

    And my youngest grandson said to me…………..”Grans; there are young and fun Grannys and there are the other kind! You are young and fun!”

    I’ll take it as the greatest compliment of my life!

    He’s 6!


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