Orange Crush

I’ve enjoyed the Kips Bay Decorator Show House coverage.  While it’s not in my back yard I couldn’t help but weigh in on this particularly happy room.
Joe Nye balanced a great use of color with classic elements and a dash of humor.  You didn’t miss the pop bottles, right?  (Or since they are in New York are they soda?)

Just a touch of black, something I think every room needs, and oh, that ceiling.

Only one of the reasons I am yearning for spring in New York.
All images courtesy of Marisa Marcantonio at Style Beat.
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13 thoughts on “Orange Crush

  1. I really like this room. It reminds me of those classic rooms from the 60’s–all of the grasscloth and clean lined, tightly upholstered pieces. I love the strong earth tones and textures. It is comforting and dynamic at the same time to me. Love the pop bottles and the art.

  2. I’ve read other coverage of Kips Bay and this room is a favorite. I think it is a great room — would I want an orange room at Linderhof . . . I’m not sure.

  3. I agree Patricia, Joe is so clever. He always injects wit. Love his sense of color, how he incorporates art.

  4. Martha – skeptical about orange in Linderhof as well, but couldn’t tell you why. That is the beauty of paint, though, easy and easy to correct.

  5. Love it… the skinny yellow cabinets with the green interior really do it for me. Of course I also love the orange and mustard. AND THOSE CHAIRS!
    love it all.

  6. I think your ceiling color lust is showing. I hope you gave in (caved in?) to your whim/desire to paint your ceilings. I strongly believe where you can’t have beautiful light, have mood. Love the ceiling in this room. It “grounds” the room and makes the rest pop. I’m not a fan of orange. I don’t know many OU alums who are!

  7. I do like all of this. It’s fun and bold. Orange works well here in Florida, but I have used “Papaya” on my lanai. It is a lighter, more sunny variation.

  8. I'm having an orange crush at the moment & finding lots to like at the Kips Bay house, although some rooms don't measure up stylewise most have a design idea that could easily be adapted to fit my house

  9. Caitlin and I are heading to NYC tomorrow and this post has made me even more excited about the Kips Bay Showhouse!

  10. My sons room has an orange ceiling. I have always had a thing for orange. I am the only one in my family who enjoys lots of “pulp” fiction.

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