Started well and

ended with a bang.  When the youngest Blandings was born my mother-in-law said, “Lucy (Mr. Blandings’s sister) thinks it’s so funny that your babies’ heads are so big.”  I didn’t see the humor at the time, but as they keep clunking them into things, I have to wonder.  He’s fine.  His teacher told me there was lots of blood but three cookies seemed to make it all better.  
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21 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Oh- poor little guy! There seems to be a head theme around lately.
    Remember when a few delicious cookies made everything all better?
    Hope your little one is fine.

  2. Ohhh I remember those days well! My younger son was born with a huge head, he finally grew into it!
    Treats of one sort or another do seem to always help!

  3. Hope he’s feeling better, and eating lots of cookies, the universal cure for a bump on the head. That and a little TLC special treatment from Mom.

  4. Patricia you are so funny! I bet those boys with big heads are really smart, aren’t they? My mother used to say her head was large because she was from American Indian lineage….she said Indians have big heads. Don’t worry they’ll grow into those heads….maybe not though…Jay Leno never did! You have made my day…..hope the little fellow is fine!

  5. I was always told that large heads are signs of greater intelligence. I am sure that is so at the Blandings’ househo. Is this son the lego master? If so, I see a bright future in marketing:born knowing how to get his way with great charm.

  6. Poor kid. But I suspect he’s fine. As a 3 yr old in the Canal Zone I tumbled into a gutter. There was so much blood that my mom called the ambulance. The medic stabilized me and started wiping away the site of the wound. Which turned out to be less than 1/4″ long and not at all deep. I didn’t even get a stitch… . Cuts on the head are tricky and warrant at least a third cookie and a deep sigh of relief from the parents.

    Hope he’s doing well.

  7. Hope your little man is feeling better after his bump. Don’t feel alone, we come from a line of big headed babies. I think for us it’s the Norwegian/German thing!!

    Chocolate always makes tragedy’s better!!

  8. MOTH has the biggest head I've ever seen! And still at 60, a week doesn't go by without him being involved in some incident where the old head takes a pounding! Add to this he's 6'7'' & you get the picture. Although he surprised us all the other night by announcing after searching that doyen of medical authority Google, he's dyspraxic (whatever that is!!). Kisses & more cookies for your little one.
    Millie ^_^

  9. Aw, it’s a heart on his forehead! My children (5 and 2) are always clunking into everything of late. I hope they grow out of it, our current soundtrack is “Mommeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” Phew. Hope he feels better soon.

  10. Mrs B, when I was pregnant the ultrasound guy, Jack (who we saw almost weekly) took one look around month five and said “whoa, one of them has a HUGE head, really big, does that run in your family?”. Oh yes, we are a big headed group and my little one clonks her huge noggin constantly, she’s growing immune. Hope he is feeling fine! A

  11. So sorry that posting comments has been spotty – my email notification is not working. Thanks for the well-wishes. Our biggest issue now is taking the band-aid off. I would have never noticed the marking is heart shaped, so thank you AD&R. I do like the theory that big heads contain big brains. He ran into a stake supporting a new tree on the very edge of the playground. When I asked him how it happened he said, "I was playing." The big brain evidence seems a little thin but we will see how things go in the future. As I was coaxing him (read harassing) to change the band-aid (today was grandparents' day at school) I said, "I don't think the grandparents are going to want to see your bloody band-aid." And he said, "I'll just tell them – you are supposed to be looking at me, not my forehead."

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