Completely Outdone

So here I am going on and on about myself and I receive a lovely email from a reader.

Dana Gibson writes to tell me that she has just finished a project herself.  Dana painted this poppy pattern on the walls of her bedroom.  Freehand.

I know.  Unbelievable.  

Then, when I emailed back and said, “Get out!” or something like that and she emailed this:

She painted the floor of her dressing room in a hounds tooth pattern. She started the floor using a stencil, but gave it up because of smearing.  So she outlined the pattern and painted from there.

But wait there’s more.  Dana went on to tell me, “The large portrait (above) was one I painted from a magazine clipping. I was looking everywhere for a ‘vintage’ type painting but couldn’t find one and probably could not have afforded it if I could. I saw this in a magazine and just used acrylics to copy. I’m developing this theory that decorating is sometimes a lot of problem solving.”  Problem solving and talent, I think.

But Dana is not the wayward housewife as am I.  Dana is focused.  Dana does things.  In fact, she has her own business.  

She has been a potter for the past fifteen years and her decorative items might look familiar to you.  They are carried by some of the snazziest retailers around.  Here in Kansas City you can find her pieces at Trapp and Webster House.

She has recently expanded the line into tole lamps and wastebaskets.

What she didn’t mention, as she is far too gracious, is that she is the grandniece of Nancy Lancaster and a descendant of Charles Dana Gibson.  (Get it?)

Now you could fuss and fret about not having the time or the talent to paint as Dana does, or you could just pop on over and take a look at her things.

A cheery lamp could easily brighten up a dreary corner.

And a pretty place to toss your tissue will be a creative way to solve an age old problem.  Click and order.  It’s just a different kind of do-it-yourself.
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27 thoughts on “Completely Outdone

  1. Good lord have mercy.

    This is magnificent!

    Have been so loving your last posts, and all the goodies within, and then you (and Dana!) present this.

    None better. Gorgeous…just like her ancestors. And brilliant.

    Thank you, thank you. Both of you. What a joy.

  2. Ms. Gibson sure has amazing and inspirational talent, but Mrs. B you can also hold your own. Your wall design and the poppy walls would look lovely together in the same house.

  3. Having met Dana several times at the Atlanta gift mart, I enjoyed reading your post about her. We have used several of her vases in our silk flower arrangements in our shops at and our ETSY shop. We really try to find different vases, and hers are so much fun to work with.

  4. I forgot to mention-VerdigrisVie featured one of our arrangements using a Dana Gibson vase in her blog!

  5. Just boggles my mind. I have a good friened that is so over-the-top talented-I just stand in awe of her! I’m on my way to have a look at Dana’s site now!
    Thank you for sharing this…I think. I feel the need to do greatness.

  6. The kind of projects I would LIKE to take on, and don’t get to the point of actually doing it! Such talent, both of you! I did paint a canvas floorcloth for the deck in bright stripes for spring/summer, and autumn stripes for autumn ( to coordinate with my cushions and pillows!

  7. * !!!W-O-W!!! "VICTORIA THORNE" took the words right off my keyboard! DANA is "toooooo talented" (in the BEST WAY!) ~~~ (it looks like He just decided to give her "MY FAIR SHARE" of talents (darn it), but I guess that's really OK… she's obviouly USING those God-given talents!!! (And talk about PATIENCE to DO them!!!)~~~

    So, there I*S "HOPE" yet, for at least "SOME" of us??? One can only d-r-e-a-m!~~~

    THANKS SOOOOO MUCH~~~ gotta run~ must go to Dana's now!!!

    HOHE FREITAG, too!
    Linda in AZ &

  8. I am overwhelmed…..everything is so gorgeous and timeless. Oh to have a waste basket like one of these!! And the tea canister lamps…….so gifted. Have a great week-end.

  9. It’s charming, and a great relief to know there are other decorative painters out there who are distrustful of stenciling~the “ease” of which is fraught with issues.

  10. Designers are the Mothers of Invention! What talent… I can see why you and Dana are kindred spirits!

  11. Wow. What a fantastic talent!
    Please don’t let this take away from your own though. I love your dots and starbursts and really admire anyone who has the vision and “sticktoitiveness” (is that a word?) to wrap a whole room in hand-painted pattern. Wow. Again. To both of you!

  12. How wonderful to see talent so well used! I could send you a doodle. . .

    . . . in crayon. No?


  13. I love when talent comes so quietly and then really stunnes you….
    But wait, there is more….is a beginning of a sentence I really enjoy…!
    Thank you Mrs.Blandings for showing this nice work!


  14. OH MY GOODNESS. That black bed and those poppies on the wall… swoon. Love it all so much!!!! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!!!

  15. oh wow! That bedroom is too much! And I have one of her lamps. I just put it in one of my daughters’ rooms! My mom has two of them. And you do NOT go on and on about yourself.

  16. I have several of her smaller pieces – they are absolutely charming. I have also met Dana (I live outside of Richmond where she is located) and she is as charming as her pieces! Really lovely and very down to earth. She even invited me to her studio because I told her about a collection of 24 plates with Gibson Girl black & white cartoons on them with a blue & white William Morris-style border (Royal Doulton, 1901) and she had never seen them. I'm not comfortable enough to accept her very generous invitation but maybe some day I'll get up my nerve! Glad to see she has so many other fans!

  17. I remember seeing that portrait in an interior shot somewhere… I do remember it was supposed to be of the third Mrs. Eugene O’Neill, the actress Carlotta Monterey.

  18. I love red and green together, especially in combination with the crisp white in Dana’s bedroom. The rest of her home is beautiful as well, and this and the post about your work in the playroom is so inspiring!

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