6 thoughts on “Don’t Look Down

  1. Dear Mrs. Blandings, You will not be surprised to learn I had to google “natch.” I clearly need to get out more. Love the black stripe by the way.

  2. Mrs. G – you would have had to have gotten out more in 1940-something. It was a go-to phrase of my grandfather’s. That and the f-word (he was a sports reporter after all) which I’ve also seemed to adopted. Less charming.

  3. AL – Me, too. I’ve been stalking them for a while. Going back to check colors. I did like the chunkiness of these. Fortunately, both options are quite, well, cheap.

  4. I know a decorator putting D&A runners on staircase for a new summer house. Not sure about the lifetime of such an idea but I know it will look great. And its not expensive..so go for it!! Cheers, Homer.

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