I’d love for you to meet Joanna Votilla and her wonderful new shop.

I stopped in last night for a celebratory cocktail. Christoper Filley and Rich Hoffman, whose shop is just up the block, had been by earlier and left their encouragement by way of this charming note attached to the door.  

Joanna has taken over the front portion of Suzanne Cooper’s spot at 45th & State Line.

Her artfully selected pieces have plenty of room to preen in their new home.

Joanna has had a spot at Mission Road Antique Mall for a while.  If you haunt their halls her aesthetic may look familiar to you.

It’s as if a new baby has been born in the neighborhood.

The other dealers are thrilled to have a new kid on the block.

Joanna is open today.  If you have a moment do pop in. 

Don’t be surprised if you’ve missed a few treasures.

These chests were already on hold and I was right on time.  You know, the good stuff goes fast.  But I think Joanna’s here to stay.
Joanna Votilla
1715 W. 45th St.
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7 thoughts on “Giddy

  1. Everytime you post about all the great stores, I can’t wait to come out and visit! Oh…what’s that…we are! Those side tables are gorgeous!

    Jaithan + Eddie

  2. Thanks for highlighting Joanna! Her look is great–I could really use those chests! And the etagere. Have a great week-end.

  3. I have been so homesick since I started reading your blog! Starting in the early 70’s when I was a young teen, my friends and I would go every weekend to the Westport Flea Market searching for little treasures that struck our eye or that we could afford. I still have a few items from those wonderful scavenger hunts. As I got older, I loved going through all of the beautiful antique stores in the 45th and State Line area. I loved the area so much I bought my first house at age 23 one street off of Westport. Alas, I got married at 25 and have lived abroad and many other great cities over the 27 years since then that also had wonderful places to satisfy my needs, until now. I love Las Vegas where I have lived the past few years, but it is woefully short of these types of haunts. My next trip “home” I will prepare a list a la “Mrs. Blandings” and take a few days to see all of these fabulous places! Thanks for being my tour guide. PS I loved what you did in your playroom, what patience and talent you have!

  4. Such great things. She had an amazing pair of lamps over at the mall, and of course I hesitated, and of course they were gone.

  5. Joanna is amazing and has an eye that commands respect from even the most seasoned of desingers! She pulls together multiple styles and in a look that is always camera ready. So wonderful to have her in a store-front of her own…I will be a regular!

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