Goddess Revealed

I received my sculpture from Bill LaCivita last week.  The dim UPS man left it in its cardboard box in the middle of the front step in a driving rain storm.  I picked it up like an abandoned newborn and set it gently on the floor of the front hall.

Fortunately she was well-packed and quite safe and dry.  She brushed aside my fussing, a no-nonsense gal I could tell right away.  I’ve tried her out a few different places.  I liked her a lot in the front hall, but she was nervous, and I think she was right, that the boys and basketballs and lacrosse sticks that make their way through there would be perilous.

I seem to be making the office my nest and I like the idea of being able to see her every day while I’m working.  Bill had originally thought he would send me a piece that he had already completed, but decided instead to create a new one.  A goddess.  How could he have possibly known how much I love turquoise?  I might call her Deborah as an allusion to her Mitford eyes.
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13 thoughts on “Goddess Revealed

  1. Mrs. B, she’s just great! I know you are thrilled over the goddess! How kind and thoughtful he was to create her for you. She definitely needs to be in a place that you can admire her daily. Enjoy your goddess!

  2. It’s just wonderful Patricia. I like your juxtaposition here. Great red backdrop. Plus, you’ll be able to try her out in so many places over time — no holes in the walls!

  3. I love the turquoise eyes! I would have put her in my office, as well… a little inspiration for when the thought process slows down.

    Have a wonderful day!



  4. A fabulous sculpture, and created just for you. I love it when artists do special commissions for their clients!

  5. You’re lucky and so is your goddess… because she gets to spend her days in your office. It sorta looks like she is on her cell… perhaps you could train her to answer the phone for you!

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