Queen B

“I can’t believe you are letting her do that.”
“Hmmm…?  What?”
“Rosie.  I can’t believe you are letting her sit up there.”

“Oh.  Well, I know.  But before I moved my desk she used to sleep on the sofa when I was in here working.  After the change she started sleeping in the kitchen.  I tried moving her bed into the office, but she would have none of it.  I missed her.  So when she hopped up there last week I was just so happy to have her back I let her stay.  I mean, she’s so smart to have discovered it; she can see everything from there.”

“She’s so smart she completely locked up and was terrified of those flowers on our walk last night.”

“Honey, those were iris.  Iris can be scary.”
“You and that dog.”
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25 thoughts on “Queen B

  1. Just the perfect place for Miss Rosie to recline – let Mr. B know that no further correspondence will be entered into on this matter!
    Millie ^_^

  2. Yes! She knew she matched that cushion- and wondered why you hadn’t thought of it yourself, gorgeous. Where would we be without them? G

  3. I envision you selecting the fabric, “Why, I shall take this one, it is the perfect “Rosie” shade for my muse!”
    I say “muse on” Rosie!

  4. Were they Bearded Irises? Because those can be scary. What a treat for my soul this morning… I love a good dog… especially one lounging on something that's not a dog bed. If P&P were there they'd be right up there with her. Well, actually they'd probably be be racing through your house knocking stuff over… but I digress.
    Kisses to Rosie! And kudos to you for letting her have a seat with a view… the best part is getting out the Windex once a week for those litle nose prints on the glass.

  5. Millie – I think he knows the case is closed.

    Patricia – it is sort of a fortunuate choice – NOT the reason I chose it – but it does seem things work out.

    Tarheel – as Erika guessed, bearded iris. They are a little intimidating.

    Erika – P&P are welcome here anytime. I'm sure Rosie would share her perch.

  6. In allowing Rosie the window seat you are providing physical comfort to the dog along with aesthetic comfort to anyone who’s lucky enough to spend time in that room. We must accommodate our four legged friends! There is a long haired calico cat in this house,
    and pillowy nests provided throughout the place, covered in materials that are changed seasonally. My friends think me quite mad.

  7. * L*O*V*E seeing “proof” that I’m not the “ONLY” one (life’s just BETTER w/ them around, no matter WHERE, right???)~~~~~~ So THANKS for the HUUUUGE, WARM SMILE on my face this early a.m.!!!

    Licks to your most A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E ROSIE, from our LOVING “BELLE-GIRL”!!!~~~

    Linda in AZ *

  8. Yes, I stopped trying to keep Miss Belle away from certain spots, although the dining table and kitchen counters are off limits. She has plenty of comfort zones around here!

  9. Such a nice a story, thanks for being good to Rosie, I am sure she reciprokes the favor and is a perfect companion in all your family adventures.
    Our dog (lab mix) has been with us for the last 8 years and has as well persevered in getting the best seat in the house, even though the master of the house had strict rules of conduct in place…
    Well, here is to consistent cuteness!
    Enjoy your weekend all together!
    XX Victoria

  10. It is funny how the cushion fabric you selected is so tonal. Blue chair/red welt is looking chic as always.

  11. Go buy a cute washable throw from Pottery Barn and keep it up there – and you will have no worries. I always say – if it is good enough for Queen Elizabeth, who am I to agrue with her?

  12. What a lucky girl she is! I never let my dog get on the furniture, but my Granddog….well, she sleeps on the bed with me when she visits!

  13. My dogs sleep wherever they want. I can’t say no! They’re just so sweet. I mean, look at the look on her face! Smart dog:)

  14. LOL Come to think of it, iris can be a litte scary. Rosie is adorable…and she knows a good thing when she sees it! 🙂 Susan

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