Two by Two

Not sold, traveling.  I now own forty-four chairs.  I didn’t count children’s chairs, stools or anything outside.  To be fair, fourteen of those chairs are associated with dining tables.  So that makes….thirty chairs.  I don’t have a problem; I can stop anytime.

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22 thoughts on “Two by Two

  1. I understand your love for chairs! I am also bewitched. My brother was making fun of me the other day because I have 12 chairs in my living room. And it is a small living room.

  2. hello, my name is tartanscot, and I have chair addiction.

    there should be some kinda of support group for us – but, then we’d need chairs for our meetings . . . and then we’d have a whole new problem.

  3. I have a storage unit. In it are 17 chairs of all sizes and sorts. hanging from the chicken wire ceiling and stacked precariously. Who knows when you’ll need that exact one.

  4. To paraphrase the Association:
    “Chairish is the word that I use to descriiiibe…all the feeling that I have running deep for you insiiiiide.”
    I’m chairish too.

  5. I laughed so hard when I read your post and then I had to count my chairs. 25 and I must be missing some. I have started collecting minatures because I have no more room. Addiction? Noooo.

    I would like to do a Christmas tree in all kinds of chairs.

    Thanks!!! Too fun. Now I know I’m not alone.

  6. * TOOO darling!!! (You're ALL cracking me up here!!!)… I certainly no longer feel "alone" in MY "weaknesses!!!

    And yes, OK~~~~~ "Hi, my name is Linda and I'm a total houseaholic, dishaholic, linenaholic, lampoholic, all-kinds-of-furnitureaholic and dogaholic as well (MUST HUG every dog I see!)~~~~~~ yessireebob, you name it & I'm afflicted!!! ~~~~~~(But what a way to go!!!

    ….(Annnnd hey! It's better than hanging out in bars or on "street corners", putting things up yer nose, etc!!! Ha!)~~~~

    SYMPATHETIC HUGS to all of you ~~~~ We CAN be helped, you know, but do we really W*A*N*T to be???? Me thinketh NOT~~~ TOO MUCH FUN… keeps life EXCITING!!!!

    XOXO, Linda in AZ *

  7. Chairs are like pets or people. Think about it: legs, a back, a bum, shoulders even, a waist. Could this be why even I can’t resist one orphaned on the street?

  8. Mrs. B —

    I, too, have a chair fetish — they’re everywhere at Linderhof and yet, I still look for more.

    And the singles — there is nothing wrong with one chair if it’s a great chair — you don’t need a set!

    And yet, I still look for more!

    So I understand — I totally understand.

    And yes, I can stop anytime — as long as I don’t go to an antique shop or estate sale . . . .

  9. Patricia, I don’t think you have an addiction. I think you have a calling. Let me explain–

    Chairs are just so beautiful–so many lines and curves and colours and textures. And so many ways to change their presentation. I believe that a love of chairs can signal a strong, personal belief in the power of redemption and rehabilitation. Isn’t it thrilling and beautiful to see the transformation of a chair? Using few resources–some elbow grease, a bit of paint and a little bit of fabric–you can bring out the beauty in almost any chair.

    In short, I think you have a noble calling, Patricia, and you are contributing to the betterment and beautification of not only the human race, but the planet! (How’s that for justifying owning 44 chairs?)

  10. Ha ha you are too funny. I have the same problem. I have a bit too many chairs as well and always want to bring more home with me. I almost left with two more today from a thrift store. I left empty handed but then regretted it so I went back and they were closed! You know where I will be tomorrow at opening!

  11. I laughed so hard at this post and now am laughing harder at all these comments! I won’t even get started, we are all in the same boat. thanks for the smiles, just what I needed.

  12. I may have you beat. I’m too tired to count. maybe I will tomorrow. i will be interesting to see who has more. why I don’t know but it will be to me. because I am sick when it comes to chairs.

  13. 32, plus two in the garage, plus 3 child’s size chairs, plus two office chairs. not so many – hmm. maybe I should go buy some more????

    plus 4 outside, I just remembered those.

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