Cut and Paste

I swing widely from firm resolution that only really good things should come into the house

and the desire to do things like cut urns out of magazines and pin them to the wall.
From the San Francisco home of Brett Landenberger and Scott Watterman, House and Garden, February 1991. Photograph by Tim Street-Porter.
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9 thoughts on “Cut and Paste

  1. I'm a cut and glue kinda girl….I reclaimed an OLD dictionary and cut key shapes which I glued to my bathroom walls….wish I had seen this I like the urns better. Thanks for the fun.

  2. Hmmm. Unless of course cutting out urns and pinning them on the wall is a good thing regardless and can be let into any self respecting home. Think of the possibilities.
    While in high school, my artist daughter had photos of the peonies cut out and pinned to her wall. I always smiled when I stuck my head into her room.

  3. Patricia, what I love about your house is that it's mainly "good things" in the conventional sense but then you mix it up with whimsy, like the closet — a different kind of good thing.

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