Speaking of hot men, I’ve been hounding David Jimenez, above, for pictures of his table from Kansas City’s Dining by Design.

He’s busy I know. VP Visual Merchandising and Store Design for Hallmark Cards, writing for Spaces, volunteering, being fabulous, it all takes time.

Right before the event he had emailed me to say he was worried about the table.

I never was, though I knew he was under a lot of pressure; his tables for the last few years have been knockouts.

This year was no exception.

David and his cohort and co-hostess, Merrily Jackson, above left, can always be counted on to throw a terrific party.

Mr. Blandings, he’s the hottie on the left, and I, not the gorgeous number on the right, had a wonderful time.

Of course I was nearly speechless as the table linens were one of my favorite colors ever. Actually, that’s not true as I am never even nearly speechless, but I was certainly enchanted.

The entire evening was a confection and we were oh-so-lucky to be a part of it.

Post script. Here I am with our own home grown Tom Ford look-alike Phil Scaglia. I do seem to gravitate to dark and dreamy.
Visual treats by David Jimenez, edible treats by Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott, top images of both by Patrick Binder; last image by Gary Fabro.
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38 thoughts on “Delish

  1. wow. it's beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. I love the bunches of flowers casually bunched. And I'd love to know how he rigged those lanterns.

  2. Beautifully done! The place settings,the display of treats, it would take me awhile just to take it all in!

  3. Party pics are always fun to see. Yes, what a good looking couple, you and Mr B.I met David at one of Lee Bowers art openings and he is such a talented & gracious gentleman.

  4. And Mr. B cooks, too? All those bad decisions were practice for getting it right. The table looks amazing. Great cause, great design.

  5. Mrs. Blandings, your fans are clamoring to know what you wore to this affair! (Also, as a transplanted Kansas Citian, reading your blog makes me homesick. Natasha made our wedding cake and it was DIVINE.)

  6. Bex – that IS funny. I was not being coy; David did nor forward a pic with me in it. You can glimpse me in the second to the last photo, back left. One shoulder, black and white floral. Fitted bodice, full skirt, just above the knee.

    Natasha's cakes are amazing. I bet it was a beautiful wedding.

  7. First, you and Mr. B are a very handsome couple! And secondly, David's work is amazing!!! I'd like to recreate this in my own home 🙂

  8. Gorgeous table – the colors are reminiscent of Harry Heissman's room for the Susan G. Komen show house last November. Turquoise and yellow are wonderful together!

  9. No, no, Dickie -that is not I. The gorgeous redhead is my friend Leslie. She's not yet 30 and would not relish being confused with a 43-year-old mother of three!

  10. Looks like the perfect setting for an evening out with the Blandings. The color combination is fabulous…and of course I know the macaroons were too.

  11. heavenly evening, I do declare, I feel an illustration coming on, all that color, the attention to detail, the hottie, the glamour of it all….

  12. I too love the color combination! I have a smaller version of the pedestal petite cake stands…too prescious! I use a round clear container and mine showcases pistachio's.
    The table is divine!

  13. We love David Jimenez's pictures from Dining by Design. The color combination are great paired with all the turquoise accessories. Where did they find all of those turquoise chairs? It looked like a wonderful gala evening, especially with the confectionery cake to top it off!

  14. Mrs. Blandings it is wonderful to actually see a photo you, you mysterious blog-goddess… goodness you are RAVISHING! (and Mr. B is quite a hunk too!) Love your dress, love the table, love the whole affair…

  15. Lovely! Like Tiffany boxes filled with cakes, confections and topped with golden balloons! Fresh cool vintage and chic!

    LOVE your outfit!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  16. The colors are fabulous! I adore the lanterns above you all as well. Thanks for sharing the fanbulous shots!


  17. Delovely & delish indeed!!!! So sweet that he was worried…a true artist's insecurities always produce perfection & he does sooo produce.
    Mr B's dasing to Mrs B's smashing.
    A wonderful cause too.

  18. The kind of evening that's so good when they rang the final bell I would have cried 'No' & immediately burst into tears! Oh & Patricia, please package up Phil Scaglia & put him on the next Qantas plane to Sydney – yummy is a very adequate description.
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. Tell Mr. B. he scrubbed up OK as well!

  19. DITTO on DELISH….

    Holy hot tamale- dark and handsome DJ…..OH, and the table too- yummilicious! Really stunning!

  20. Oh, somehow I missed this post! I feel like I have seen the invisible star behind the scenes now that I have seen Mr. B! You both look wonderful, as did the table!

  21. I am just catching up after my two year old broke her leg… hang on, I think I misplaced my invite? I will be in KC in a minute if I can sit at table like these! Be well, Ms. B.

  22. honest- how did I miss all this? I must have be buried under books. this looks pretty swell and what a swell party too- looks like a perfect tie in to Mrs Blandings International Bloggers Weekend dates to be announced. LA

  23. This is EXQUISITE.
    Love the colour scheme and imaginative decoration and, most importantly, everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying the whole affair. Just fabulous!

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