On Target

I keep a stash of plastic cups in a low cabinet so when the boys groan, “Mom, I’m thirsty!” I can say, “Then you should fix yourself a drink!” We were running low (not sure how these go missing) and I happened upon these at Target this week. They are hard plastic – dishwasher safe and all that. I really like them. The boys don’t get it.

Target also has these in melamine which I also found charming. Here I showed restraint as I am enjoying my melamine plates from La Plates. Hmmm…the smaller size would be fun to mix in and might get me off the hood for snack fixing, too.
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14 thoughts on “On Target

  1. Target has great finds.These are especially nice for summer, when the kids are always wanting to eat or drink something all day long!

  2. I am a huge fan of the Tervis Tumbler. Induestructable and they keep drinks really cold. A bonus: you could monogram them with the lil' B.'s initials so they are less likely to go missing. Unless you, like I, have guests who walk to a party and sometimes require a "go-cup."

    I like the plates for picnics!

  3. I love those La Plates, I saw your post on them when I was researching your blog for my book list post. I did a post on them too, this spring. Keeping up with the Blandings-a REAL chore. I think the mixing would be a great Idea. Will notify you before I post your picks. Glad all is well with you! la

  4. This was a cartoon years ago that has remained in our family joke list. Mom's Cafe: You have two hands, make it yourself. Perhaps done up in needlepoint. Or flashing neon lights!

  5. I found some paper ones at cvs that give me great solace when we have an evening out and makes for an easy clean up so that when I come home, there is nothing left for Mother to do. I am not a huge proponent of paper, but in a pinch it is easy peezy.

  6. When my daughter was small, I did the same thing for her and her gaggle of friends who were always in my kitchen. They knew that those plastic plates and bowls were theirs to fill up and carry around, inside, outside, even to the neighbor's house. Those Target plates and cups are so great, I had a bunch of little visitors around now 🙂

  7. Don't you just love Target? So many fun and well designed products at practical prices. I'm with you on keeping a few nice plastic cups handy for the kids…they don't mind using them and I don't have to worry.

    Tricia – Avolli

  8. When you find the plastic cups that "go missing" could you also find my spoons? I mean, I guess they're throwing them away, but how?

  9. Lisa, just to clarify, these are not disposable. If plastic all together is an issue, then I misunderstood the link.

  10. Mrs. B, you're on the money again! I think a mix and match with the custom La Plates is a fab idea…you can never have too much melamine;) And you know Target is a field trip for this household – love it!

  11. Great tidbit. Thanks for posting this. Great to mix it up with existing dishes.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

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