Pop Quiz – 9

For those of you who are new, or newish, to Mrs. Blandings every now and again I spring a pop quiz.

Culled from a burgeoning file of vintage tear sheets are images that I put up on the screen then give you half a day or so to guess the designer.

Eventually I will be back to let you know if anyone has guessed it and if not I’ll offer up the answer.

This may be more obvious than I think.
The curve of this mantle looks like a glimpse of a woman’s leg just stepping into the frame. And the jumble of books breaks the severity of the rest of the room. Why do I fear that this same picture today would feature all spines in?
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14 thoughts on “Pop Quiz – 9

  1. Mrs B:

    Your post is brilliant.
    It almost does not matter who the designer is–these rooms are so original, so heartening, so soulful, and so chic, in a relaxed way. There are a million lessons for a designer to learn.

    Have a great quiz…and in the meantime, love the images.

  2. What is the deal with spines in? I first saw that at Nell Hills and then it is now in magazines?

    As to the designer, I haven't a clue but then I'm not that designer savy.

  3. That bookcase looks a lot like my bookcase in my office…..I will now stop doing guilt on myself for having a mess! I love the room with the French marble fireplace.

  4. David Hicks?

    And can I just say, as an avid book reader, I think the spines-in way of displaying books is dumb. How do you find anything you're looking for without pulling out all of the books?

  5. I read somewhere, that spines go in after you've read the book. Kind of brilliant, I think, no more going through every book on the shelf to find what's next.

  6. i'm sure i could google it,
    but i just want to say
    it'd be where bill blass lived, if he still did.

    i used to love looking at pictures of his rooms.
    this reminds me of him.

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