Pop Quiz – Tom Ford and Richard Buckley

Michael called this at 10:58 p.m. yesterday, “This is Tom Ford’s apartment!”

Indeed. In Paris. Published in House and Garden January, 1998 and featured in HG’s Book of Style, the photos are by Todd Eberle.

The images from this morning are from the book; these are additional shots from the magazine.

After looking at 120 apartments before they settled on this one, chosen for its fifteen foot ceilings and view of the Seine, they decided to keep “the pastry.”

Clean but sensual, the home has a clear masculine aesthetic with the lucky distinction of having Gucci leather left-overs as upholstery.

Let’s do take a moment to admire Mr. Ford, a fine design himself. Every bad decision I ever made had brown eyes like that.
Image of Tom Ford borrowed from the Fashionisto.
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27 thoughts on “Pop Quiz – Tom Ford and Richard Buckley

  1. I like the photos and appriciate your candor though I do not believe a word of this so-called poor decision-making!!

    Be well,

  2. Catherine – believe me, it's legendary. I'd like to deny it, but there were witnesses. Too many to eliminate, including Mr. B.

    Click on the picture. It makes me wish I were a gay man.

  3. Every bad decision I ever made had brown eyes like that.

    That line is…cinematic. Now, please ask that man to stop smouldering at me from your blog…I'm at work for heaven's sake.

  4. Jennifer – the kitchen IS fabulous. The pitchers on the counter alone are gorgeous. Who is the big-haired blonde in that picture? I wish I were she.

  5. Scrumptious!
    I've just discovered your blog…you can thank/blame "Fancy & Folly" for that(time will tell!) lol
    I think I'm going to have great fun here & I've only read 2 of your posts! The pop quizzes crack me up, does the winner get a treat?!
    I don't have a blog yet, I only discovered this whole blogging "world" a few weeks ago. I'll be "introducing" my blog in a week or so I think! lol
    Fantastic name you gave your blog, I adore the movie!


  6. Aimala – welcome to blogland! Pop quiz winners receive the satisfaction of a job well done – and continue to play anyway.

  7. This apartment is delicious! It's in my tears folder too — but this morning I couldn't my finger on which fashion designer's apartment it was.

    Mmmm…. And brown eyes have been my downfall also. But, I married him anyway!! 😉

  8. Oh so interesting,his shop in NYC (April 09) was so dark and cave-like. Men's apparel,accessories only. Drat. He's a looker…and a Texan! Oh,yeah.

  9. What decisions….when… where…
    I forget, when I see such a good looking guy, gay or not!
    Anyway, his home in Paris is very good looking too! Love it in fact!
    Mrs.Blandings, I just mentioned you in my blog, why don't you hop on over for a moment an have a look?!
    All my best! Victoria

  10. Look at the Venetian Red website (second series on lace) and imagine what an amazing portrait Leonardo da Vinci could have painted of Mr. Ford with the brooding brown eyes. The dark back ground. The folds of the jacket and the beautiful light and dark contrasts.

  11. David, Tom F and men such as yourself make some of us women say "Oh, I wish he weren't gay" PS… not meaning to be politically incorrect!

  12. Sure Tom Ford white shirt opened to the navel helps like any home…
    And this one is not bad… But the decoration is pretty bland I think… This chic but boring minimalism looks very 90s… I'd love to see how Tom has moved on since that (if he has moved on)…
    Do you really like it Mrs Blandings (putting aside hunky Tom)

  13. Guillame – I've put aside handsome rogues before, so will do my best. I, too, would love to see how his style has evolved, but I do like this. I'm thrilled that they did not scrape the "pastry" and the use of texture is very rich. The bedroom is especially good, I think; I've always like Biedermeier mixed in with mid-century. Also, in context, it's a weekend home – a convenience not an escape – so it can stand to be a little bit of a set.

  14. O my stars — that is a GORGEOUS man! And I love the kitchen! But must confess I am scared of the side table! LOL!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage (trying to avoid the inevitable "horny" jokes about the side table …… heeheehee ….)

  15. See & I thought that guess was so on that it would be wrong..does that make sense. He's soo scrumptious…damn it..always gay!!!!
    David you are mighty, mighty lucky!!!

  16. Oh Mrs Blandings, what a post! First of all thanks for sharing the apartment pics, I had not seen this before – it's a stunner. The pic of Mr Ford is not half bad either. To top it off, you just put into words what I've been thinking all my life. What is it with dark eyes..??

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