Toad to the Rescue

It’s hot.  Hot and humid.  Shade offers little relief except from the sting of the sun.  The boys think the air conditioner is “broken” while I know it is straining to keep up and I am praying it does not throw in the towel and say, “I quit!” as it is not the kind of expense we would relish right now.

But sometimes there are surprises as refreshing as a scoop of peppermint ice cream that take the edge right off.  I’m ever so grateful to Toad, a true prince among men, for sending me a copy of Legendary Decorators of the Twentieth Century by Mark Hampton.  I’ve flipped through once and can see it will become a mainstay for the library and the perfect excuse to stay inside this afternoon.  
Many thanks, dear Toad.
Image, above, from the book.  It is a watercolor by Hampton of a room by Albert Hadley.
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20 thoughts on “Toad to the Rescue

  1. What a great book! And a great guy! I had that book but sold it when i moved abroad… shoulda kept it in storage. 🙁

  2. It is the most brilliant book. And do you have "Mark Hampton on Decorating"? It is bliss too. (That Hadley room has always me happy, his sister's living room in Tennessee, yes?)

  3. Aesthete – on Decorating was, I think, the first vintage book that I bought and agree that it is bliss. This room IS happy. I'm completely charmed – it's been open on my desk all afternoon. The caption does not list the owner, but I am sure you are right.

  4. I refer to that book over and over. As a true lover of design history and the great practioners, you'll wonder how you ever did without it. Enjoy!

  5. What joy and lightness, so French and charm and grace! Beautiful!
    Mark Hampton was one of the great 20th century designer, I love his legacy, his daughter Alexa just in her father's foot steps…
    Enjoy the book!

  6. Love Mark Hampton's watercolors (and decorating!). Used to live right across Park Avenue from him when I was a newlywed on the UES back back in the 1980's.

    Please send some heat (and sunshine) here to NY…it's like London- 60's and rainy.

  7. Great book, in fact indispensable.

    The Hampton watercolor is of a room at Kips Bay Showhouse c. 1978.

  8. Toad is a Prince. Agreed.

    Send the heat (and sun) to NYC, please. Nearly turned the heat on today. Rain, rain go away.

  9. New Yorkers, hang in there! Our weather almost always heads your way. We, too, had endless rain and dreariness. I predict sunshine in your future.

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