Garden Chair by Guinness

Did you ever have two friends who you knew would adore one another and couldn’t believe they hadn’t met? You know they’d hit it off if only. Mr. Blandings and I were in just such a spot when we were first married. Then one night at two-thirty in the morning our door bell rang. As we dashed downstairs we could see our friends standing arm in arm on our front stoop a little wobbly but grinning ear to ear. When we opened they door they yelled, “Land Shark!”

This print by Hugo Guinness feels just like that.
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25 thoughts on “Garden Chair by Guinness

  1. Love it! For fun I went back to my old tear sheets of the Guinness-Puckette house. Two metal garden chairs in living room — different style, though. More chairs outside but again a different style. Anyway, I hope this is yours now.

  2. Yes, but what happened after the surprise?

    I like the stark monotone, it does seem like it dropped off a frame of "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House".

  3. A very sweet story!! About Roger, yes I believe he is still working. Only limited …I only wish some Sunshine would come to New England!! Rain, rain rain!!

  4. mo-zy – thanks for the info and I am sending sunny thoughts your way (but it is raining here which I don't think is a good sign for you.) Darn.

  5. Clarity – both heterosexual males, they remain good friends and drinking buddies. I know this as one lives across the street from me. Because that is how Kansas City works.

  6. Patricia,

    I was just in CA and saw a full set of said chairs, with table, for sale. They were in an antique cooperative in Healdsboro, where due to the economy:( everything was greatly reduced:)


    ps: where did you get the lampshades?

  7. Pretty. Fun story too!
    I wanted to let you know that I mentioned your blog in mine today. Your play room wallpaper helped me make a point… thanks!

  8. I adore this print — so much so, it has found its way to my sidebar where my obsession for chairs is evident.
    And a charming tale that will, forevermore, be associated with this image.

  9. Why not a post on the Light Shoppe? It is a lamp and shade museum. And, of course, you can't forget the dogs!

  10. Your stories always make me smile! And wish I, too, would show up at your house at 2:30 in the morning for good fun! Love Hugo's work and I think you need this little chair.

  11. This chair looks like the ones at the University of Wisconsin Memorial Union. They are made of metal, and are in shades of green, yellow, orange. I have spent many a night with a brat in hand, looking at the beautiful Lake Mendota.

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