Lost and Found

One of Suzanne Rheinstein’s picks for the Enduring Style series was Roger Lussier’s Boston Back Bay apartment. I thought I had two versions of his home in my files but I could only find one at the time.

Naturally, looking for something else I stumbled across the later version.

This serene rendition appeared in House Beautiful, March of 1994.

If you think it has been published since do let me know as I would love to see it. Again. And again.

Photography by Thibault Jeanson.
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18 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. HELLO, MRS B-

    Gives me chills.

    I have always thought Roger Lussier had the most elegant and refined framing sensibility.

    Looks at those excruciatingly thin thin thin frames with such tiny images and all that white space.

    Then, to hang them en masse on the wall, to create a wall of glass with the punctuation of gold framing, some slightly modern and most antique–and all monochrome and white. It is the chicest of the chic.

    What do we know about M. Lussier? Is he still in business, does he work for designers, does he design interiors (he should) and where is he?

    (P–I will poke through my library–I think these interiors have been published in a book, possibly by HB.)

    thank you for this glorious post.

  2. I really like the tri stacked prints, the beautifully shaped Venetian mirror, and the lantern sconce to the right of the eating table. I am a sucker for serene and siple interiors!

  3. gorgeous- an ideal to strive for, thank you for the reprise. If only I could find more things this way- How about a how do you organize articles post? la

  4. oh, like falling down a shaft of heavenly whipped cream served with a golden spoon….the kissing frames seal it for me…like a cherry on top! (on another)

  5. Diane – this is the latest article I have on his work. In the previous he stated that he did not care for designing for other people. I did google him and it appears his shop is still in business. I'd love to know if you stumble across his work.

  6. LMF and Patricia – it is dream-like, isn't it? I'd love to know what other transitions it has made.

  7. Court – I should go back and mention that he was (and may still be) a well-known framer. The article says he enjoys the smaller sketches (I'm sure you noticed that nearly all the art is black and white) as the bigger ones lose the surprise.

  8. Loved PVE's whipped cream image. What appeals to me is this obsession with the art. He lives with it, around it. It doesn't decorate with it. He doesn't "curate." He allows it to find its own home within his life. Calmer than the salon-style or English up to the sky with stacked paintings. It feel so incredibly intimate and revealing without the least bit overwhelming. Many lessons here.

  9. I love stacking art and usually have a space between, this edge to edge look is wonderful. So rich and creamy!

  10. Such serene beauty, the depth of character or soul of this space is amazing. I think that the play of light is what attracts me the most.

  11. These are just DIVINE!
    I had to print them all out for my inspiration folder.
    I could move right in. WOW!

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