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  1. Oh, Mrs. B. I love your style and taste in all things but the Shuttlecocks. I generally like accessibility as a gateway to greater understanding of things (art, literature, poetry, rocket science). Every time I have to look at them (and I try to reduce eye contact), I can only think the Emperor is butt naked. What would Magnaverde think?

    Perhaps personal history intervenes with my ability to accept this image. While playing badminton with my incredibly handsome boy next door neighbor, he served one right into my mouth. First lesson: don't talk while playing badminton. Second lesson: if you do something really, really amazingly embarrassing, it will be remembered by all present probably until death.

  2. HBD – I had the opportunity years ago to hear the story of how they were inspired and it made me see them differently. This kind of thing may cloud my judgement in a negative way, but it is also leading me to re-read Hemingway. But I totally see your point.

  3. I love architectural dwgs! I bought two at the Flea Market in Paris, and had them framed. They are so orderly.

    Heading over to your links right now…


  4. I recently emailed Wright Auctions for information on a chandelier that I had acquired–they were amazing: responded immediately with all of the information that I needed. Great resource.

  5. I would love to see the shuttlecock drawings too! We had our engagement pics taken at the Nelson and a few in front of the shuttlecocks. My husband even got reprimanded via hidden security speakers for leaning against them!

    I am a sucker for architectural drawings; these you posted are fantastic.

  6. Love Wright's site, thank you! Some wonderful things, I particularly like some of the chairs! The drawings you posted are wonderful, I just love the straight lines, simple but lso complex – I will definitely look at the Empire State Building a little differently now.

    I love your blog, I've been pretty much just lurking for a little while, I hope you don't mind. Your blog header is wonderful, pve does amazing work, it's such a lovely NY scene for me.

  7. I love industrial design and think that I'd like our "fine artists" to be our architects and designers.

    I'm sure many of our very best don't do even do fine art.

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