Speaking of Transitions

By now I am sure you have heard that Time Inc. will cease publishing Southern Accents. There are people, I know, who will see the demise of the shelter magazines as a sign of the times, as a by-product of the choppy economic waters. All I can see is the loss of a gracious publication from which I have torn countless pages of inspiration for my own home. It feels very personal. I am heartened to know that the website will continue and I hope to find Karen Carroll and her crew there offering me entree into their distinctly lovely, Southern world.
Image courtesy of Southern Accents. Room design by Heidi Friedler.
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32 thoughts on “Speaking of Transitions

  1. I am taking this very personally. There will be such a void come new magazine time each month. I hate this and Time too. I'm sure Southern Living is standing strong. ughh.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that; everyone is going digital. I much prefer a physical, paper magazine – it is easier for me to read, and easier for keeping something that catches your eye.

  3. Wow we are losing many lovely shelter magazines. I am on the computer all day and then creating my art; I really enjoy browsing through my favorite publications in the evening.

  4. Sigh…one by one my favorites fall…and it puts a pall over contemplating any new magazine subscription. Are the European magazines doing any better?

  5. It is so sad…it had become harder and harder to find Southern Accents on So. Cal. newstands; so I wonder if there weren't other factors involved. It was such a great publication. Glad to know that it will continue on-line: I'm going to book-mark it right now.

  6. It is a terrible thing..With Domino, Cottage Living, and now Southern Accents three of my favorites are gone.

    I am curious..who designed the fabulous room you are featuring here?

    The art is incredible!

  7. I'm glad I've kept so many of my old magazines. The nice thing about Southern Accents is that it represented a certain level of design and craftsmanship (especially the curtains!) that we are seeing less and less of. My other fav that deserves our support is "World of Interiors".

  8. Everyone talks about blogs taking the place of the fallen magazines…blogs get most of their pictures from the print. They feed each other. This one is a great loss.

  9. I am sorry I just don't get it…they are keeping Southern Living & getting rid of Southern Accents?!! No comparison in my mind.

  10. So when is their last publication to be? This really is depressing. This is about the only shelter magazine that I continue to purchase. Of course Veranda is still available and a fairly good shelter magazine also but I wonder how long it is going to be in business also. What is there going to be out there to publish on the blogs with all the magazines going down the tube? All that is left are the books that are being published.

  11. I agree with many that it's like a death of a relative. Glad to read that SA will be online, however just not the same. Nothing replaces holding a beloved magazine in your hand. Sad times..

  12. Technology is taking over… I love the tactile feel of holding and perusing a magazine… taking it to the beach or reading it on the back patio. I want my digital world to stay in my office. Technology is killing publications… kindles are taking the place of actual books… librairies are dinosaurs…. I read somewhere that people are spraying their kindles with a scent that smells like a book. Sad!

  13. RIP…

    I am always amazed by the small size of a crew behind a magazine…what they can pump out…SA, and others, look like there is a crew of 1000…

    I really liked Karen's interview on the Skirted Roundtable! She is a real talent!

    Seems like another transition to the web, and the expense of producing a magazine…also, companies are really evaluating their advertising dollars, and magazines are losing. Too bad, I do love those glossy, purfumed pages.


  14. I'm watching the movie, "Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House" on TCM right now. It's been a few years since I've seen it…what a charmer!

  15. My absolutely favorite decor magazine. I am shocked and so sad to hear this. Now I wish I'd saved every copy I got, instead of cliping and tossing. Southern Accents just got things right, month after month. I wonder how long they'll keep the web site going, without the magazine to draw readers?

  16. Everyone has said it all. I am just heartbroken and so very disappointed. What a loss for everyone! Can the Democrats make a bailout?

  17. I watch Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House yesterday and thought of you. It was a good movie for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Great fun !!

  18. Another fan of SA here — and so completely angry at Time Inc. I'm sure the loss of this great publication (and others) could have been saved with some costs cutting at the TOP of Time Inc. Useless bloated slugs of executives!!

    Jan at Rosemart Cottage

  19. This is a wonderful post with beautiful pictures! You're vacation sounds great and tiring! I love the Rock Shop from your description and your purchases, I know I could browse there for hours.
    I understand taking a blogging break. I will miss you as I look forward to visiting your blog almost daily and anticipate the wonderful treats you post here.
    Enjoy your time off, I hope you get a chance to relax and rejuvenate and have a peaceful, joyful time.

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