As the World Turns

When Christopher Filley called last week to say, “Come see the windows,” this was not what I was expecting.

Forgive the glare, but Christopher has displayed an installation of televisions painted by Kansas City artist David Gant.

The televisions are functioning, though show only snow. They are always “on” and Chris tells me that the window at night is a knock-out.

Chris has had some of Gant’s pieces for a while. I have noticed this series of portraits on cardboard before.

They are encaustics, which I understand to be a process that is a combination of wax and pigment. Gant did them when he was 20. There are twice again as many as this and they would be fantastic in a large grid.

The images were taken from obituary pictures.
You can see Gant’s work here or at Christopher’s – 816/688-9974.
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14 thoughts on “As the World Turns

  1. I appreciate the creativity of the window. I love it. I can picture in my mind what it would look like at night. I am fond of his art but it is a tad creepy that his inspirations are obit pictures. I think it hits close to home because my mother has terminal cancer. That's for the look inside his talent.

  2. The creativity that some artists possess, is always so surprising to discover!
    Sometimes, works of art of some artists you are not attracted by, you learn to see with another eye from the moment the artist himself tells you about what's behind!


  3. So creative! Encaustic work is unique and now many are done in wonderful colors. It is a medium I am excited to try! Every time I break out of the box with my art it takes an amazing turn.

  4. What a scream. David Gant is wonderfully creative, Christopher Filley has the vision to put together a Technicolor window display. Wish I live nearby.

  5. This absolutely seals it for me – the kids & MOTH will NOT be putting a Millie pic in my obit.! Not that Mr. Gant isn't talented, he really is, but the last image looks a lot like our beloved expat. Dame Edna Everage (Hello Possums!), who as MOTH would say, is still in an above ground situation.
    Millie ^_^

  6. ever since i wasn't looking and my two year old son glued mosaic pieces to the front of my television 17 years ago, i've wanted to do a series of mosaic tv screens. this might inspire me to actually get off my butt and do it!

  7. I hope I can get over to see this before it is taken down! I love that he has given these junky old tv's a new life.

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