Bright Eyed

I was in New York last week and got home last night to piles of mail, hundreds of email messages and 152 blog posts to read (you were busy while I was away.) Oh, and to hear them tell it, the three best behaved children in the world.

I thought I’d be all caught up today but find the Family Fun Fest schedule and a soccer game over hill and dale after school will impeded a post even tomorrow. Certainly by Wednesday.
These images are stand alone pieces from a shop we visited. It is a pretty easy do-it-yourself. Most of the bulbs are not wired, but just looped over the grate from which they are suspended. The ones that are lit are wired directly into a box which rests on top of the grate and does not need to be hidden because it’s an industrial jumble already. There were about a dozen different kinds of bulbs. Figuring out which ones are burned out might take some concentration.
I asked permission to take the photo and was denied. The enchanting sales person then mumbled, “But I don’t have any control over what you do on the sidewalk,” and turned to straighten some stock. I like people like that.
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15 thoughts on “Bright Eyed

  1. Haha, You were at Urban Outfitters. They have that same set up here in New Mexico. Have always admired that, thought it would be fun over a dining room table.

  2. Personality is preferred – It looks very Urban Outfitters, but actually it was not. I'm so thrilled that you commented, though, as your moniker is one of the best ever.

  3. Alas,"the lights are on, but nobody is home" – well, but you are home. So sad that my schedule did not collide with yours this time.
    A wee package is en route, in hopes to light up your re-entry into reality.

  4. These are great fixtures. I did one from a client of mine in her kitchen, it came out fabulous. I used gray cord instead of the brown. It was a blast.

  5. What are we going to do when the incandescent bulbs are all banned? I get totally bummed about it every time I go into my kitchen and the lights take a minute to warm up….I'm not sure why someone didn't lobby for edison bulbs being carved out.

  6. I saw this done at a place called Bluebird in London in the Men's department in early 2008…I imagine nothing in this day and age is truly orignal.
    You are better than I and at least asked the salesperson, I just started shooting (my camera)
    It's great!
    David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

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