Compare and Contrast

Alison Berger’s floor lamp caught my eye in the Michael Smith designed home in the October issue of House Beautiful.

The industrial metal and sparkle of the glass are a nice contrast to the texture in the rest of the room.

Berger’s site is under construction, but you can view her pieces through Holly Hunt here.

House Beautiful images by Thomas Loof; last image via Holly Hunt.
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15 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast

  1. Found for the Home in Houston is making similar looking lamps – with jars – they are so cool. I love that last image – the hanging fixture. some people are so creative!

  2. You're right the juxtaposition is great. That's a great resource. I'm sure in no time restoration will be knocking these off too.

  3. Loved this home in House Beautiful this month. The pendant lights were my favorite, so I'm glad you posted some further information on them!

  4. I've noticed a lot of these industrial looking lights popping up. Some even harken back to the first lightbulb designs it seems to me. They're very cool, but I wonder if those bare, clear bulbs wouldn't get annoying? They'd have to be very low wattage for me to take, and that seems to fly in the face of task lighting (which I sort of need in the kitchen at my advanced age. The joke is that you could operate at my prep area.)

    Just thinking out loud.

  5. Patricia, thank you so much for turning me on to Alison Berger! Her style is just what I was looking for and didn't someone was out there doing it. Wow!!! I'm blown away! Thank you.


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