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Speaking of Mitch Owens (I was yesterday), I’m sure you know he has a new book coming out. What? No? Indeed. In House profiles diverse examples of exceptional individual style. Or so I’ve heard. I am standing at the mailbox daily twisting my beads waiting for my copy.

The photographs are by Derry Moore, the 12th Earl of Drogheda, whose work has appeared in Architectural Digest and Nest.
Owens is an editor-at-large for Elle Decor and has written on design for the New York Times, Architectural Digest and Travel and Leisure. Though I’ve heard that someone said recently that you don’t need a writer to wax poetic about design – all you need is pictures – I disagree. I want someone to tell me what it feels like to be in that space. When I read Owens’s articles he makes me feel like I’m sitting right next to him on the sofa. It’s lucky I’m not because I can never keep my mouth shut. Which is why I am telling you right now – pre-order. Here or somewhere. I’ve heard it will knock your socks off.
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24 thoughts on “In House

  1. I agree. and with his way of writing, his way of explaining things… his words are sure to marry well with the images and make them come more alive. I've got it in my amazon cart right now. can't wait.

  2. I can't wait for this book-the combination of author & photographer- are not to be equaled in today's design world. I ordered multiples-Cop(ies) might be a good idea-the 1st editions will be gone-Poof! GT

  3. Anon – just to clarify – I'm not "calling" him. While I fantasize about long chats over a glass of wine musing on the direction of design, I've met him once. He was introduced to me as "Mitch." I'm rummaging through my jumbly memory and I do think a few other people have referred to him as Mitch. I bet his mother calls him Mitchell when she's mad.

  4. I preordered yesterday. I understand many lovely mysteries will be revealed. Let me confess to you, Mrs. B that I was disappointed, dare I say it, in the Jacques Grange book precisely because there were precious few words. Being a word person, I felt cheated. While like the rest of us I enjoy the pictures, need the pictures, I realized in that moment, I want to be sung a duet. And I was such a nitwit about Derry Moore. I was a huge fan of Henry Mitchell. After he died Mrs. Mitchell gave me a copy of Henry's book on DC houses and the photographer was Derry Moore. Forgot about that book until rather recently and started looking at Moore's work. Felt like an idiot before the king. Owens book will be a classic and Moore's photography will light the way.

  5. I'm with Home Before Dark: I feel cheated if there's not a balance between pictures & words, and I'm not just talking about quantity, either. The words better be good, too, damn good. These days, I can't be throwing away good money on bad books.

    I can't even remember what the book was, now, but a few months ago, I was given a big shiny decorating book, with lots of nice shiny pictures, but the text was appallingly bad. No historical background, no aesthetic analysis, no comparisons with other contemporary designs, no digressions into juicy backstairs gossip, no nothin', just long-winded descriptions of what was already perfectly obvious from the photos themselves. It read like a high-school term paper.

    At least with Mitchell Owens book, we won't have to worry about that. Heck, I'd buy his books even without any pictures.

  6. I'm with you on the need for words to accompany design images. Otherwise they are impersonal and lack an interpretative offering or any sense of dialogue, like a postcard sent with nothing written on the back. I used to read first and then look; the Internet, bless it, is making me look first. But I'm not buying this book because of its cover; I'm buying it because of your commentary.

  7. Mise – I like that metaphor. Generally, I gobble up the pictures first then go back to read. The pictures are better after the reading.

  8. whoa! how very exciting!!!!!

    I love this!!!! can NOT wait! good for him. I hope he makes a mint on this! hah!! he deserves it.

  9. Yes, this has gone on my Christmas List too. But as the boat to Australia is very slow, it will probably be under Christmas '10's tree. In total agreement with you Patricia about complementing images with intelligent commentary.
    Millie ^_^

  10. A melange of poetic wax, witty ingenue and stylish houses that are transformed into homes certainly woo me right in.
    No invitation needed- great books are good that way.
    One can enter and feel suddenly in the house.

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