Jacques Grange Interiors, Pt. 2

Sometimes the blog gods smile. Sometimes they look down on a simple girl from the midwest and say, “What the heck?”

Word came from on high yesterday that I could, indeed, post these images.

Click on them. Revel in them. Because, truly, I can just see myself sitting in this chair, jazzy tunic over my swim suit, dashing off a note to a friend saying, “Please come if only for a day or two. It’s just delightful.”
All photos by Nicolas Matheus from Jacque Grange Interiors by Pierre Passebon (Paris: Flammarion, 2009.) I am reiterating here that I requested permission to use these images. I don’t know what would happen if you borrowed them, but it could be ugly. I’m just saying.
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24 thoughts on “Jacques Grange Interiors, Pt. 2

  1. I'm so glad the blog gods DID smile – these are stunning. At first glance the style is so simple, but it's actually quite complicated – detail and unusual twists. That fretted archway is fantastic. And English + Moroccan? That's just plain awesome.

  2. Sanity – how in the world did you get here so quickly? I could gush over these rooms. I mean, I could go on about the lighting for a good five minutes. And who knew I'd go crazy for white walls?

  3. These are gorgeous- I love that archway too, thank you for sharing. We will all blog spank anyone who tries to take them. Delight is right!

  4. I just want to know if that shell tucked in the corner on the wall is a "sconce" or some sort of high security device? Oh, that desk is delightful.
    Reminds me of a home we stayed in…on an island.

  5. The architecture used as art–the color and the furniture….heaven to my soul. Thanks so much for getting permission and making my day! I think that I must get the book. Have a super week-end.

  6. I preordered this book and it looks as if I will not be disappointed. The desk is divine, and the lighting and windows are fab. Such a different look than his earlier work. On a personally sad note, my image of JG was of this really handsome YOUNG man. Imagine my surprise when he now looks…well, as old as I do! Time, it seems, marches on in France as well! Like your legal warning about poaching the pics. My lawyer husband with excruciating legal mumbo jumbo at times will love this. I'm just saying…

  7. I like the images you showed! However I would not have thought that the image with the bed could ever be of Jacques Grange!


  8. that arched cased opening with the teeth (?) or maybe it looks kind of zipper like? Anyway, it is amazing… thanks for sharing!

  9. I would live, eat, work & sleep from that fabulous sofa. Loved your comment to MOTH about his GB subject matter Patricia. I briefly showed him Joni's blog & told him this was the level he needed to achieve when compiling his synopsis. He's still standing frozen to the spot, his eyes wide open somewhat reminiscent of the 'deer caught in the headlights'. We shall see what transpires.
    Millie ^_^

  10. the rooms, they are clearly something else. i say to people i love white and this shows why, it just lets colour and detail jump right out on you

  11. Mrs. B-
    Thank you for posting these last images. I am convinced now that I must have this book!
    I have always been a big fan of his and I love the "not too decorated" quality of the rooms.

    David @ Ashfield Hansen

  12. I have done some research on the internet and now know that Jacques Grange was a decorator for YSL residence in Morocco.
    I got me confused because the photos were of the same rooms and the two books have being released at the same time 🙂

  13. Irina – I am sorry to have sent you on an internet hunt. I should have linked to my previous post which mentioned the home's owners.

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