Jacques Grange Interiors

A few months ago I asked a few blog friends which designers working today would endure.

Aesthete’s Lament had Jacques Grange on his very short list. Grange had been on my periphery. I was aware of him, but largely ignorant. (Aware but largely ignorant might be a good subtitle for the blog.)

I have been enjoying my advance copy of the book for awhile now. The publishers and author are being very careful with the distribution of images. The book is a beautiful collection of stunning interiors. You would enjoy it if it only contained the homes of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge. My personal favorite is Villa Mabrouka. The arching doorways of Morocco grounded by chalky black and white tiled floors, white walls and charming chintz will make you yearn for a get away in Tangier even if you usually don’t venture further than the Lake of the Ozarks. If I could choose just one image to share it would be the one of the scrolled white desk, rattan chair with robin’s egg cushions sporting a white welt with the striking black mullions of the glass door in the background.
Jacque Grange Interiors by Pierre Passebon will be released next week. Available for pre-order here. Yes, I would.
Both images from Jacques Grange Interiors by Pierre Passebon, photography by Marianne Hass (Paris: Flammarion, 2009). For a few more images from the book do check Jennifer Boles’s post at the Peak of Chic.
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10 thoughts on “Jacques Grange Interiors

  1. Oh, I love his stuff, all so drop dead gorgeous and the 'frenchness' of it all!
    Just browsed through all your latest posts, since my sentence is still hanging, school begins way too late, Sep.8th!!!!
    Please, somebody save me!
    Valentino, well, hmm, you want to hand something down, I am not that toll….. ;o
    Greetings from one busy mother to another!

  2. That's very interesting to know that someone as well informed and smart as you Mrs Blandings (I mean these words) didn't know much about Jacques Grange… A new proof the culture about interior design is totally different between Europe and the US… Indeed in France, Grange's interiors for YSL, or more recently for Mathilde Agostinelli were published many times…
    In the end the book was slightly disappointing for me as I had already seen many interiors in magazines.

    Another example of the differences between France and the US: few people have heard about Billy Baldwin here (yes you hard me well)… I actually learnt about him reading American blogs…

  3. hansaxel – so much of it is fresh for me – I think this is an interesting point. When AL named Jaime Parlade as one of his designers who would last I had never heard his name. Seems I should be picking up more European magazines.

  4. Its a stunning book…alas I had no patience to wait for the English version…so until I learn to read French I'll be just enjoying the images. But Aesthete is dead on…he is definitely one of few designers today who will endure.

  5. I love the work of Jacques Grange and cannot wait to get the book. La Mamounia was seriously in need of an overall re-design. I am curious to see his design concept. Competition In Marrakech is fierce as they are so many extraordinary hotels and Riyads . thanks for the post

  6. Highly anticipated after the massive renovation, La Mamounia is now again the hotel of choice in Marrakesh. Will not hesitate to send any of my guests there again. Very excited.

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