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I received a comment last week on the post about Jacques Grange’s rooms for Yves Saint Laurent in Tangiers directing me to Ivan Terestchenko’s blog. Terestchenko is the photographer of the images in the newly released, “The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge.”

Terestchenko has images on his blog from the book and from his many interior projects for European shelter magazines.

In addition, he is keeping something of a visual diary.

There are still lifes and street scenes and portraits.

And there are personal pictures of home and garden and family.

And not a lot of text, which in this case is a good thing, because all I want to do is look at the pictures.

Belle Aventure, indeed. Learn all about Terestchenko here. Give yourself a little time; you’ll want to linger.
All images, used with permission, are his work.
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12 thoughts on “More is More

  1. I'm glad you like Ivan Terestchenko's photos and sorry for my comment thinking that you mistakenly credited them to another photographer. I should checked it first. This was my lesson.
    I think Ivan's images capture the moment perfectly.

  2. It must be a wonderful book! This morning I received an email from where there is a Yves Saint Laurent Book Giveaway!!


  3. I went directly to IT's website/blog. Amazing creativity capturing the richness of life in all of its glory from the peak of Ives St. Laurent to the most humble. Thanks for taking me there.

  4. Such a luscious counterweight to the Belgian minimalism style out now…which actually looks best punctuated here and there with a little gilt and rococo. I have to tell you that I loved your title the first time I started reading you eons ago…our house was built in 1939 (the year that movie came out). Have always adored CG (Bringing up Baby, Pennies from Heaven…) and out house has that same white siding, Connecticut blue stone look. With similar problems (sans the well digging). Very cute. Trish

  5. The book is achingly beautiful. He has a great eye and way of shooting that really brings you into the photo.

    I'll look forward to exploring more of his work and world.

  6. Thank you for the link to Terestchenko's site. The images, specifically the black and whites, are dangerous to those of us who love to day dream.

    I am always captivated by the images capturing life and scenery in far away places.

  7. Thanks for directing us to Ivan's blog, I've been thinking about purchasing the YSL book for awhile. Loved YSL's paris home, it was full of character. It was nice to know more about his collected art pieces when it was being auctioned but I almost wished they had kept his home in its original state like Coco Chanel's famous apartment on Rue Cambon.

  8. I love how you transport me to different places everytime I come by your blog, which is daily….
    Thanks, great inspiration, the art and the photos by Terestchenko.
    They are fantastic!

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