27 thoughts on “Not Even Close

  1. Mrs. B,

    you are as chic as they come! no need to borrow…her beads kept coming undone too. why else would she have that expression on her face?


  2. I'm going to try it again. I'm determined. And, Courtney, we had a small gathering at my big city friend's for people who have helped me out with the blog over the last couple of years. We did not take pictures.

  3. I wish I could take a picture of you (in the same pose as that woman) with your beads tied as you like to, and I am sure you will look so MUCH MORE GORGEOUS than she does!!


  4. Mrs B. I wonder if she thru them round her very slender neck (doubled over) and then in front dropped one looped end thru the other-If my slightly confusing "how to" makes any sense it gives the illusion- that's what we are all after-Good luck. GT

  5. LA – perfect sense. I think that is sort of what I did. It kept slipping. I'm now startled to realize I've cut my hair somewhat like this. SWF.

    Anon. – at least she did it well. Always that slightly up-angled chin.

  6. How serendipitous to see the pic of DV on your blog today — not only am I re-reading her bio as we speak, but I was too was struggling with my rope of beads only recently!

    Barbara @ Ashfield Hansen Design

  7. To be DV and still strike a pose at that age–amazing! She knew that in her world (not mine) image is everything. Have a super week-end.

  8. I believe itt was just one of those sartorial talents well mastered by women of that time.
    My Mother was of her generation, and she could knot her beads, wrap a sash, dash about in heels and stockings –WITH GARTERS, GIRLS– most definitely not panty hose! Hats, gloves, stoles, worn with ease. Etc, Etc,…..
    You can only imagine how maddening it was for her to have a daughter whose hair never stayed combed, and shirt never stayed tucked. And, I mean as a ADULT!!!

  9. Mrs. B, the bead necklace must be extremely long. What she has done is double up the strand and wear it as a lariat. I tried it with a 86 inch string of pearls – they are about a foot too short, but I achieved the same look. Cheers!

  10. This is what I know, beads move. You move, they do too, unless you have them secretly harnessed. You do what you need to do for the required effect.
    I have been known to harness.

    It was said earlier, your turquoise (?) beads in your side pics are so lovely. You have have the look mastered.

  11. Thea – believe me, I know what you mean.

    Susan – I am envying those pearls from here and am off to measure the onyx.

    mb – I think you are right. Try try again.

  12. My vintage jet beads do the same thing…and leaving them long leads to that dreadful lassoo (spelling?!) effect around the "girls". Mrs Vreeland would not approve!

    In the glorious 80's I had the same problem with an 8ft strand of pearls, and managed to fix them in place with an oversized vintage celluloid brooch 'pearlised' with Revlon nail polish. Effective, but to think I ruined the celluloid! I blame Madonna, of course!

  13. Anon – but look at how she is wearing her hair. Completely off her face. That is very powerful. Think of all those beauties hiding behind their masses of hair and glasses. It take a lot of confidence to sweep your locks back like that. I think it's stunning.

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