Prepping the Bed

She: I don’t think it’s going to get hot again.

He: Mmm…hmmm.
She: Maybe we should go ahead and plant the boxwood and hydrangea in the front.
He: What’s that?
She: The boxwood and hydrangea in the front. We could probably go ahead and plant them.
He: Oh.
She: We agreed, right? Or do you not think that is a priority right now?
He: Sure.
She: “Sure” we are on the same page with the planting or “sure” now is a good time?
He: We’ll see.
She: It’s not my crazy idea; it’s in the plan.
He: Oh? Where is the plan?
And so they both retreated to their corners, each stealthily eyeing the opponent and planning strategy for the next round.
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20 thoughts on “Prepping the Bed

  1. * Oh my friend, I've found it "WORKS a little better" if, while enjoying your morning cuppas together, you play footsie with him for a minute or two!!! (SHOULDN'T be the way it works, buuuuutttt…………..grins!)…

    Here's to a "successful", fun & relaxing Labor Day!
    Linda in AZ *

  2. As I approach 60, I have learned over and over again: it's all biology. I feel bad. It's not what I want to think about the war between the sexes, but I'm afraid it is. One early spring we watched a mother cardinal sitting on her nest inside my climbing hydrangeas. The Colorful Big Daddy had a big day flitting about, eating as he pleased. He returned late in the day, snatching some hydrangea leaves as his offering. She came flying out of her nest and spit his gift out and flew off for a little R&R where the colors were new, and fresh and of her own choosing. My husband said, "You don't have to explain a thing. I get it."

    Practical note: it's supposed to be a wet winter. Great for plants, but be sure to mulch. It's supposed to be cold, too. The Y chromosome hates change. Sometimes it hates to spend money. Sometimes it doesn't want to do the work. It almost always likes sex.

  3. My guess is that it is the work that he is avoiding as he knows I will glad go and buy the plants and stand in the front yard and direct as he does the rest. Still, it would be so pretty.

  4. I always love seeing pictures of the dream house! If I were there I'd help you prep the beds… hoping maybe it would throw me into labor!

  5. I loved his coy "What's that?" as though he had suddenly lost his hearing…..

    That's usually a power play, forcing you to repeat yourself. Other times, it simply gives them a couple of seconds to think about their next move as they have obviously been caught off-guard.

    I'd love to hear the ending result of this bout.

  6. Hire someone to do it first thing tomorrow. And never mention it again. Ever. And draw up a plan just in case he thinks that is his trump card.

  7. Oh can I be around when the bell goes off signifying the next round? I could be your Trainer Patricia, you know the one who massages your calf muscles & puts your mouthguard back in.
    Millie ^_^

  8. Uh,oh, sounds absolutely familiar, best to keep on mentioning it gentle now and then, especially when something on his wish list is pending….must be in the DNA!

  9. hysterical. at least he is civil. whenever – i swear whenever i ask ben's help around the house he gets angry! he hates housework, but he does go the grocery store, gotta love them.

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