At Last Sweet Mystery of Life

I’ve scoured and searched and begged hither and yon for pictures of George Terbovich’s work.

I’ve hit pay dirt a few times, but George is not all that interested in being published. Not his style.

Speaking of style, I’ve seen four projects on which George has worked and each is quite distinct. I think I know his personal style, but he is not a designer that one hires for a particular look.

Which you can now see for yourself as he has put a glimpse of his portfolio on-line along with great stuff from his shop.

Click here to see the portfolio; here for the shop.

All images George Terbovich Design. The portfolio is arranged by room, so I have done a little match-making myself. These images may or may not be related.
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32 thoughts on “At Last Sweet Mystery of Life

  1. EXTRAORDINARY! i understand why he doesn't want to publish, but i want to brag to the whole world about him. i wish everyone could see his work….

    his sense of scale, proportion, harmony… i mean really !

  2. I feel like I have been transplanted to another time and era when life was more gentle. I love the colors and the arrangements. They speak volumes to me.

  3. just spent some happy minutes rolling through GT's portfolio. His dining rooms really cut it as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for bringing him to us!

  4. I'd love a closer look at that large rug in the very inviting and elegantly feminine parlour. My mother had a wonderful carpet in her sitting room, covered in giant roses, and I've been looking for something as fabulous as it for a decade, but today's giant florals always have a touch or awareness and irony, whereas I need an innocent rug.

  5. He really is something, isn't he? And Mise, I appreciate your desire for roses with no irony. If you can save the image you may be able to zoom in.

  6. I think he's genius, and I've only seen these examples of his work. And heard about him through a mutual friend. He is entirely unsung, rather in the way Herb Wells in Houston is unsung outside of his geographic area.

  7. Beautiful work; his color palette is amazing. These rooms really entice me to live in them. His shop is also fantastic–great eye.

  8. Always stunning work. I'm thrilled that I've been able to publish a few of George's houses, including my favorite, his own! Of course, we're just a local magazine—he should have national acknowledgment.

  9. Now is that quite fair of him not to want to share his genius with the world? These spaces are the type that make you breath a sigh of gratitude the minute you walk in. Thanks Patricia!

  10. Perhaps George doesn't publish much of his work out of respect for his clients and their privacy. Just wondering.

    I looked over his store website with a magnifying glass. Now having a wicked case of the wants, I penned a Christmas list (and I never make a Christmas list)…must have a stone colored Mackintosh, love the lining!! It is so pretty, I would wear it inside out. The store is as well edited as the lovely rooms he creates for his clients.

    Thanks for sharing such local treasures.

  11. mb – perhaps, though he is so incredibly nice, I bet most would do almost anything for him. And yes, the shop is amazing.

  12. I admire his humbleness of working without the branding stamp…
    I agree with that philosophy. It means that the design work becomes a true service to the particular project.
    No uniform approach, all things considered.
    His work is fantastic.

  13. Surprised that George does not like to be published. I would think that is unusual for a designer. If anything it would promote your business. His work is beautiful and especially fond of the entry-way. Gorgeous barely describes it. Thanks Mrs. B. & Happy Birthday to your son tomorrow!

  14. I've always been struck by his subtle use of color. even when using a bright green like the one above, he's able to create a soothing, flow among the rooms. He's really incredible.

  15. Beautiful work! He seems to handle the chintz and the mohair with equal skill.

    Thank you for posting!

    David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

  16. If the gorgeous George ever held a Workshop in 'How to Arrange Furniture In the Most Elegant & Stylish Manner' it would be filled in a flash! He just has a way – big sigh & heaving of shoulders from moi.
    Millie ^_^

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