I’m Such a Nerd

Is it possible that the installation of a carpet runner would offer such joy? Can you imagine your heart skipping, not a beat, but just skipping?

That is how I felt this week. I snapped the pictures right away before some boy tramples it with muddy shoes or throws up on it or whatever is eventually going to happen that will make it look like the rest of our stuff. Rosie was skittish at first, but now I think appreciates the cushy tread.
Oh, happy day.
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52 thoughts on “I’m Such a Nerd

  1. and a huge "yay" for all those little things in life that make the heart skip around gleefully.

    and, yes, your new runner is gleefully perfect.

  2. * Y*E*S!!! It IS posssible… annnnd, it's ALSO such F*U*N to share in your joy!!!! (I LOVE happy stories like this!)~~~

    Linda in AZ *

  3. It looks fantastic. Well done and I understand your pleasure completely, No not nerdy. Stylish with the correct priorities! xoxo

  4. I totally get it. That is how I will feel when we pull up the carpet from the stairway and replace with wood. (and then a runner). Looks great!

  5. Get out of town!!! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! The colors are gorgeous!! My heart would be skipping too… I guess that makes me a nerd too!?

  6. Nerds are good! The runner is great and the good thing is that with all of the positive energy in those stripes, it won't show the dirt or anything else. Glad that Rosie is adjusting.

  7. It is so very possible… the joy and the desire to take a photo before it has to tussle with boys! I would have done the same thing. It's gorgeous.

  8. Scot – thanks! I knew you'd understand.

    Toad – so happy to have you back.

    Linda – only design junkies would see this as a "happy" story. Most people think happy stories are rescued animals or something.

    Joni – you're the best, thanks.

    Grant – Dash and Albert. Oh, the choices.

    Jane and Beth – thanks!

    Mise – I have a feeling it will.

    Virginia, Jean, Chateau and Aspirations – thanks, thanks, thanks and thanks.

    And, Erika, I'd sit at the same table with you in the cafeteria any day of the week. A very good club to be in.

  9. To all the nerdy things that make our happiness. And to the realist who understands that perfect perfection may become imperfect by the ones we love best. Love the stripe on the stairs mirrored by that great framed art on the walls!

  10. It does look good! and as mentioned earlier it will happily take the mud and doesn't skip a beat when thrown up upon. Great color choice.

  11. What a transformation. Yes, skip, it looks fabulous. A perfect choice with a family. It is so stylish, yet practical. Muddy shoes or throw up be damned.

    You have inspired me to go "runner" shopping for my long staircase in the front hall. I have been pretending that it doesn't look bare.

  12. It's absolutely perfect! Love love love. That colorway resonates with the rest of your house so beautifully.
    I have long had a Dash and Albert fixation…this makes me want to satisfy it. NOW. xx

  13. If you are a nerd, then we all are. I was excited for you when you posted that you would be using a Dash and Albert runner – they are the best! It is great looking and fits your aesthetic perfectly. I love the reality you so lovingly confess about life with kids and pets – but I wouldn't trade them either! I always enjoy seeing what makes others smile in their own homes!

  14. You make me smile!! I TOTALLY relate! That reminds me of when I got my first metallic blue Schwinn racer bike (I was 10) I was so excited that I put it next to my bed when I went to sleep.
    Enjoy your beautiful new runner!!
    Larry G

  15. So perfect!! It pulls your decor all together, btw I love the painting over your fireplace. A friend jusr made me a couple of brown & cream toile pillows with gorgeous braiding and I felt the same way, elated!!

  16. It is a delight to read how thrilled you are…I can completely and totally relate. I sometimes post something about a little change that I am over the top excited about and then step back with some perspective & think, wow, I gotta get a life. WHY? This is too much fun!

    The runner looks devine, I particularly like the pattern, it leads you eye upward!


  17. Mrs. B. Indeed you should be dancing in the streets…with joy!! -)
    I love your new runner. What a wonderful choice you selected, for your lovely home!! Enjoy. ~mo-zy

  18. YES I can imagine having my heart skip a beat. I'd be so excited to wake up every morning and stand atop of those stairs to take it all in. And then pad to the bottom and take it in from the bottom up.

    I really would be as equally 'geeked' out! I love how it's tying it all together. beautiful!!!!!!

  19. Just perfect! It has been so fun watching your projects all come together to make such a beautiful and charming home. You are an inspiration, indeed!

  20. Patrica,

    I've been reading your blog for about 5 months now, have not commented yet, but felt moved to comment on this. The runner looks absolutely amazing. It works very well with the "paintings" you created for the stair wall. Moreover, it really works to bring together all the colors from adjacent rooms. Love it!!!

  21. Oh, I LOVE it!!!
    I love stair runners, and I love striped stair runners most of all!!!
    Whenever I see a bare set of stairs, I always want to know why the owners didn't put a stair runner on them. It just makes them look so "finished" and great! (of course, I sell carpet, though….)

    This looks great! Great choice!

  22. Too funny….living with a house full of men does have it's challenges. I can see why you are so happy…beautiful piece of carpet!

  23. NERDS..NERDS..NERDS!! YOU DO US PROUD! It really looks great. At first I thought it was Dash and Albert but I see wool on those steps. Cheer's Homer.

  24. Seriously gorgeous — your home is wonderful!! What a marvellous choice for a runner — brings in each of the colors in adjoining spaces!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  25. i love it – just what i have envisioned for my stairs except in the beige/tan/pink/rose colorway … gotta rip up the old stuff – paint the steps first …

  26. It looks amazing! What a sense of accomplishment to finally have it!

    David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

  27. Love the stripes, great colorway. I think I would be dancing a little jig (perhaps up and down the stairs) if that runner were at Chez Pazoo.

  28. Oh! Thanks for the inspiration, Mrs. Blandings, to double down and finally get my own runner. I am so tired by this point of slippery stairs and the thunk-thunk-thunk of a 5-foot-10 16-year-old running up and down them.
    Come to think of it: Does the carpet mute the thunk-thunk-thunk? Could anything? I suppose some day I'll miss it, but not today…

  29. Love this post! I feel the same way. My mother and I are picking out carpet for her stairs now and cannot WAIT for it to be installed.

  30. Lovely lovely lovely! Now I know why I used to see those awful clear plastic runners over carpet on stairs. There was a point (albeit tragically executed) to them after all!

  31. Love the runner – and the entire color scheme of the hallway. You've inspired me – I have a similar staircase in my home…alas, I have much work to do before getting to the 'runner' stage, but your photos will continue to inspire me to keep it moving!

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