Less is Never More, Less is Obviously Less

Several weeks ago a couple of readers emailed to ask, “Why would a blogger pull his blog?!” It seemed Maxminimus was gone. I had some thoughts on why one would give up blogging, but had to sheepishly admit that I had not hit this gentleman’s site.

Just when I was just starting to miss him, odd as we had never met, he returned. He weighs in on clothes and books and hotel rooms far and wide and tells charming tales of his daughter. Pretty often there are wonderful rugs. Carpets, not hair pieces. Actually, I think I’m supposed to be looking at the socks and shoes. Anyway, this weekend, he posted this wonderful staircase chocked full of old Vanity Fair caricatures from Birkhall, the former home of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.
It looks like there is a piece of molding that runs between the rows of prints. And I’m gobsmacked by the way some of the pieces are framed to accommodate the slant of the stairs.
Queen me.
Images via Maxminimus. The post title is a quote from Michelle Nussbaumer in Elle Decor, November 2009.
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24 thoughts on “Less is Never More, Less is Obviously Less

  1. Details like this are what truly delights – I looked closely at the framing under the stairs and smiled to see what you had pointed out.

  2. When I opend your blog and saw the top picture at first glance and without glasses, the frames appeared to be glass brickes, like in a modern Bauhaus staircase by Gropius for example. I had to laugh when I saw the real deal! It's funny, since for the Bauhaus style less is obviously more….

    But I agree with the frames and the content, it's genius and very now, yet timeless.

    Nice post!


  3. I've never seen Birkhall before. How much do I love that The Most Dangerous Woman in Europe filled her stair hall with caricatures and a plaid runner.

  4. The carpet!! I've been seeing quite a bit of tartan lately, can't wait to see more. That staircase is amazing, I wonder what the Queen Mother thought about when she walked up those stairs?

  5. So glad you discovered ADG. He's got a great eye for detail. You'll enjoy visiting.

    And ask about his collection of caricatures, too.

  6. Yes! Yes! The plaid carpet is wonderful, too. It does look like just the place one would want to run off to. And, EE, I did. Why wasn't I paying attention earlier?

  7. Mrs. Blandings,

    Truly a staircase to precision heaven with the sound of bagpipes in the distance.

    Off to meet, at least for me, the new neighbor.

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