Off the Rack – Down Home Cooking

While I adore Elle Decor, wonder at World of Interiors and greet House Beautiful like an old friend, I still miss some of the dearly departed.

Don’t get me started on HG. But Domino and Cottage Living both offered glimpses of, well, really great regular houses. Houses that looked like my friends’ houses. Where I might hang out in the kitchen and have a cup of coffee.
I just picked up a subscription to Country Living; their editorial content is filling the gap. That runner, oh my.
All images courtesy of Country Living, November 2009. Caroline Scheeler’s home photographed by Roger Davies.
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22 thoughts on “Off the Rack – Down Home Cooking

  1. Love the colors used in these photos. I agree with your post about these mags, though. So sad they are gone.

  2. I love-love-love Country Living (now). Check out the August issue (I think…) with Paige Orloff's home in the Hudson Valley. Swoon-worthy. Paige, with Margaret & Marion Roach created (great site!)

    Also, the former head of Cottage Living has gone to Southern Living and I'm told SL is now (also) super fantastic and has a cottagey feel to it.

  3. Personally, I will miss Gourmet – I know it's not decorating, but the food, oh the food. It's troubling times out there in the publishing world. I hope that there are not too many more casualties.

  4. I love the mushroom color walls too. Could this be the new black?

    Yes, I so sorely miss Cottage living and Domino for similar reasons to yourself. They presented living spaces that felt familiar to me. I was always inspired, and felt the spaces were attainable without biblical intervention.


    This is inspiring design and the runny is genius.

    You make a most fascinating point about magazines: and the reality is that some publications (Cottage Living) that we might not have noticed, are now really smart and chic and worth reading.
    Others under the radar somewhat:

    How to Spend It (mad name, good publication) on Fridays in the Financial Times (inexpensive subscription, great information).

    New York magazine has great quarterly interiors stories. Worth subscribing.

    W won't have interiors…editor has left and the focus is on shopping, internet, fashion etc.

    World of Interiors is still one of the greats, now and always.

    C magazine: I am biased as I am an editor. It's C for California, but sold nationally. Fresh.

    thanks for great post, cheers,

  6. Janell – I do think this coverage – and Coastal Living – is hitting the mark.

    Marcie – I agree on both points.

    Jean – I will be sure to check both the former issue and Southern Living. I think I will be getting SL in lieu of Southern Accents, which I also miss and am now sad all over again just thinking about it.

    Heather – Mr. B is feeling your pain. I think his last issues of Gourmet will have to share the shelf with my last 18 months of HG.

    Karena – the richness of the colors is terrific.

    Patricia – you know us too well.

    Mary – domino was such a breath of fresh air. Short but sweet.

    Thank you – we will wait and see. I just hope we will not lose any more good ones.

    Anon – "oh, my" very good. Really love the look. The rugs are a traditional fav, but used in this way is such a charming surprise. I love the randomness of the stripes.

    Diane – as always, taking your recommendations to heart. I SHOULD be subscribing to C – everything I've seen from it is terrific.

  7. This post hits the mark. The places for visiual candy, but "real world" candy, are shrinking in the media. Thank Goodness we have the blogs, now.
    xo Lidy

  8. In total agreement with you Patricia. I really enjoy CL, but spare a thought for those of us Down Under, CL has a price of nearly AUD10.00 (US9.00) on it at the News-stand. And World of Interiors comes to us with the hefty price tag of almost AUD20.00!! As the Mother of boys that fab Hall Runner would have taken 1st prize in our annual Gorgeous Yet Practical Competition!
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. RIP the splendilicious Gourmet.

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