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I’m changing things around in the dining room and went back to hunt for this image from Mariette Himes Gomez’s Rooms.  I’m considering ordering brackets to go under the Chinoiserie mirrors.

While on the search for the image I noticed this for the first time.  (I have looked through this book, truly, dozens of times.)  I have that.  No, not the frieze, the wine cooler.  Yes, those wine coolers were available through Williams Sonoma when I got married.  I have one.  I don’t love it enough to put it on my mantle.  Heck, I’m not sure I even like them placed here all that much, but I think this is a nice reminder that everything doesn’t have to be precious.  I keep forgetting that.

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20 thoughts on “I Spy

  1. Patricia,

    I, too, love Rooms. I use it as reference a lot. And, my favorite thing in my house right now (could change tomorrow, I never know) are a collection of brown bottles I got at Garden Ridge no less. They are in my bookcases in my Dining Room! Pretty prominent location. It's hard to remember precious doesn't make perfect but the older I get the less I care about perfect. Hope you are having a good week.

  2. Hi Mrs B
    I think brackets will look great under your mirrors. I am also looking for brackets for my LR to flank my Trumeau. Anxious to hear what you find on your search and if you have any ideas you can pass my way I would be grateful.
    Thanks Teri

  3. Rooms is such an inspiring book! Yes, if everything was precious I think it would all start to get a bit predictable! Janell

  4. Mariette Himes Gomez is a master and a favorite of mine. She always seems to "get it right". I would definately try the brackets, they are just so simply elegant. And a pair of anything beautiful is perfect!

  5. If everything were precious and beautiful and perfect, life would be pretty boring. I think Diana Vreeland (sp? said it best…"better vulgar than boring"–(I think it depends on the type of vulgar).

  6. Am I blind? How come I don't see wine coolers? but hmm – wine cooler decor – who knows, you could have something there. the brackets are beautiful, truly.

  7. That exact wine cooler — with its handsome Bacchus heads — lives in various locations around my house — outside and inside too! Very fun when its filled with flowers or long stems of rosemary from the garden. Also darn handy when holding a wine bottle! LOVE those brackets — so very elegant!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  8. I love reading your blog. It's so true that everything doesn't have to be precious. One of my favorite set of vases is from TJ Maxx. They look great next to higher end/ trade only pieces in the room. I just posted my daughter's nursery on my blog…I found her change table at JC Penny….

    I love your blog.

  9. Rooms is a fav of mine as well. When you said wine cooler though, I was looking for a small square refrigerator (like the type you buy from Sams that are about the same size as a dorm room fridge). I went back to the photo and realized… my "wine cooler" and yours are are different. Yours is much more precious. 😉

  10. Love brackets. I ordered some from a fabulous company in Atlanta after seeing them in HB. Great for displaying all sorts of objet!

  11. Patricia, I was startled but pleased to read your letter to the editor at Vanity Fair. I have been a longtime reader of VF and have witnessed the devolution of its content.

    Best wishes from Amy in SNOmaha

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