The Order of Things

Magazine holders ordered, check.  Magazines sorted and culled, check.   Books moved to accommodate aforementioned magazines and holders, check.
I moved all the design books to this side of the room as well so every little thing I need is right at my fingertips.  I should mention that while the design books and magazines are in a specific order, the rest of the library is a jumble with classics, biography and mystery mixed together.  This was not previously the case and that task now looms as Malcolm Gladwell becomes acquainted with Anne Tyler and Ian McEwan meets Elinor Lipman, perhaps for the first time.  They are all making the best of it.
Naturally, I entered into the spine-covering with glee.  Cutting and pasting complete, there they stand, six soldiers, spines ramrod straight, at the ready to guard the tear sheets.  Empty.  Mere shells.  All dressed up like servicemen in a parade; they look good, but they are waiting to be put to use.
All paper from Paper Source.
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43 thoughts on “The Order of Things

  1. I love the map paper.

    I grew old making resolutions about brining order to my chaos. Mercifully, I eventually gave up.

    Now if I had your shelves….

  2. They look really, really good! I so wish I had your industrious nature. I just can't ever get my DIY projects to turn out exactly correct. Love them and so jealous. Wish they were mine. My tear sheets are currently piled in two huge canvas bags waiting to be judged whether they are worthy to collect dust or must be purged. Annual event for me. Hope it happens before summer. Have a great week.

  3. Organization – hard to get it done but life is so much easier after – love to be able to find something in a moment – are the papers that you selected for each binder part of a special filing code? like the maps for travel – places to see – etc

  4. Hi Patricia,
    You did a nice job arringing the stuff you needed close to you!
    A few weeks ago I arranged all my magzines in the attic of our house
    because my study room was overfull!


  5. Utterly gorgeous! My library also home to similar unlikely couplings – I think it does them all good..

    What are your lovely papers covering? And did I miss how to do it?


  6. Great job! I'm so impressed–can't tell you what a mess my tear sheets have become-you've inspired me to clean up! Have a great day! Barbara

  7. I am insanely jealous! Ever since your post about covering books with marbled papers, I have dreamt about them. But, in my library and office, it remains an elusive fantasy. Now I can live it out here!

  8. Great start; I like your paper choice.

    Like christmas morning; all neatly wrapped, carefully placed and ready to be opened up and used! What fun, enjoy filling thm up!

  9. I know what I am doing this week. I have lots or origami paper and I might patchwork some or use fabric scraps from the workshop. Lovely!

  10. Someone who is actually on top of the clutter of saved magazines. I bow to a higher power. You are a goddess.

  11. I purchased a bunch of white plastic hardbound notebooks from Wal-Mart and the clear plastic pockets that you can slide a magazine page into on both sides and saved a bunch of my mag pics that way. But I failed to record the photographer for the pics. I guess I can use them for posting and just ask forgiveness for not being able to give credit where credit is due. But I like your mag holders better than mine because they are done in pretty colors, etc.

  12. Looks so nice — I love the paper. Good job getting that finished. I need to organize my cookbooks in some systematic way..

  13. Ah, these look so great. The patterns are fabulous together. Yes, so impressive that you have your magazine clippings in check. It gives me hope that someday I will have similar binders to show for all my fervent magazine tearing.

  14. Wait. You wrapped 3-ring binders with paper? And it will stay put when you open and close them? I've never been able to figure that out. I have huge black binders that I would love to make prettier. Please tell me how.

  15. I got tired of pulling tear sheets and not having the resource from the back of the magazine. So now I pull out everything in the magazine I'm not interested in (articles, ads, etc.) so I have the cover and just the pages I want, but also have the resource pages, etc. Just a thought.

  16. BTW, my New Year's resolution last year was taking the pages from magazines I loved & throwing the rest away. Makes me happy to look through all the things I really love, organized by interior, exterior, jewelry, etc.

  17. Looks so fabulous and organized! Mine would look all askew from all my back issues of Domino with their little tabs sticking out from all sides!

  18. Thanks for the inspiration! I do have a quick question–does each paper signify a particular subject (ie, map paper means great library/study ideas), or are there discreet labels I missed? Either way, I will be appropriating this idea! Thanks!

  19. Those are incredibly beautiful…holy moly!! Thanks for the innovation! If any of the folks reading these want to do the same, we'll offer them 20% off their ReBinders. Also, if they want something more heavy, the ReBinder Select line is 100pt chipboard…even though I think the cardboard is great.

    USE CODE: BLANDINGSROCKS – at checkout and we'll take 20% off your order.

    Also – note- you can take the rings off easily and re-attach them after you've wrapped the binder… Just need a screwdriver and 20 seconds.

    Brant @ ReBinder

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