Pop Quiz – 10

“What? First day back and she gives us a pop quiz?”
Well, yes. I realize just because I’ve been off doesn’t mean you haven’t been using your design noodle somewhere else, but I thought we’d get some of the business out of the way.
I sprung the first Pop Quiz way back in December 2007 (you can see all past quizzes and results here.) Here’s the set up – I pull a vintage layout by a designer working today and readers try to guess the designer.
I’ve long established that only thing you take away here is some pretty pictures, a smattering of misspellings and hopefully a feeling that I was very happy you stopped by. Quizzes are the same. If you are the first to name the designer I will credit you when I post the answer later today.
Winning brings the satisfaction of a job well done. Which is less exciting than, say, a lamp, but it’s all I got.
Quoting Edna Mode, “I don’t look back, darling, it detracts from the now.” Sometimes true, but I chose this particular layout as no element seemed to date it. Do tell me if you agree. And, is that door silver leafed in the image top? Oh, how I do like to leaf.
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30 thoughts on “Pop Quiz – 10

  1. Please leave your guess. I won't publish comments until about mid-day. You know, don't want to spoil the fun right off the bat.

  2. Hi Patricia—hope the holidays were filled with love, a few mishaps for good stories ( ex. Jones stole & ate the large honeybaked ham bone from the beans while they were on the stove and broke my phone!!!!) and joy.
    I think that this looks a bit like Murielle Brandolini.
    Thanks for the quiz. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  3. Is it Miles Redd? Thomas Britt?I am so not good at these pop quizzes!! Love the images! Would you be interested in teaching a friend to gold and silver leaf? I have tried, OMG what a mess of it I made!

  4. Interesting guesses, but it couldn't be Bunny Williams,
    not in a million years~the effects are too coarse~and
    certainly not Albert! This one has me scratching my head. How could you tease us this way, Mrs B ?

  5. It's his absolute very best! Wow, what an inspirational place. I love it more than alot of his bigger, more high budget projects. Thank you for the treat.

  6. oh I missed it. I wouldn't have gotten it right but would have probably guessed Jacques Garcia or Alberto Pinto. I laughed at your line "first day back", those got me every time! Happy New Year.

  7. Mrs. Blandings, Just FYI for you, you were mentioned in the Sat, 1/16/10 News & Record newspaper in Greensboro, NC. Article title: 10 Trends for 2010 by Stacy Downs (McClatchy Newspapers). Your photo appears on the second page. I'd be happy to send to you… it was good info (and you look great). Bennie Catoe bcatoe@lgsinnovations.com

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