Pop Quiz – Robert Couturier

Ah, yes, the esteemed Aesthete did not guess, but rather knew that this was the home of Robert Couturier as it appeared in House Beautiful, February 1998. (I am publishing the answer a bit early as it seems unfair to leave you hanging.) Here is the first page from the story. The lights over the dining table, one of which you can see here, are actually 1940’s Christmas decorations from Macy’s. The lattice on the red walls and the pattern on the dining room ceiling were both achieved with paint.

Here is one of Couturier’s projects that was recently featured in the September issue of British House and Garden.

Naturally, I’m loving all this goldy yellow with white trim, dark floors, sure throw in a little gilt and a touch of black.

Delicious, all of it.

Do be sure to check Couturier’s site and this terrific profile in New York Social Diary which will push you straight over the edge to design crush. If you aren’t already there.

Image, top, House Beautiful, February, 1998; photography by Fernando Bengoechea. Remaining images via Couturier’s site by Simon Brown.
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7 thoughts on “Pop Quiz – Robert Couturier

  1. oh wow! i really love those photos.
    I especially love the yellow bordered wallpaper in the 2nd to last image.
    your blog always keeps my eyes interested with great finds like this!



  2. Mrs. Blandings. Wishing you the most excellent new year. Stopping here is always, always like a dip of fresh water, a breath of fine air. Pretty! Heavenly! Sublime and delicious. A complete delight. xov

  3. Late to class today so I missed the quiz, but did want to let you know that I think Couturier's home c. 1998 was just smashing!

  4. Always done to perfection, I think his name epitomizes his work. I skipped when I saw that pop quiz-so not ready to get into the swing of class. British HG thank goodness.

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