Snow Day 1 of 3

The boys went back to school on Tuesday then were home yesterday for inclement weather. The snow did not start in earnest until afternoon, but the temperatures were (and are) in the single digits. Frankly, I’d rather be inside anyway. And likely will be for the next two days. Say hello to school in June.

We did go to the Nelson-Atkins in the morning and sort of kicked around. The youngest Blandings had made a poor choice for breakfast and was “starving” but has somewhere gotten the idea that one has to whisper in the museum, so with the large rooms and high ceilings it was hard to hear the complaining.

When we arrived home, peeling off coats and hats and gloves, my eldest asked me why I don’t like to play Wii with them and I said, “You know, I don’t really like to mess around with electronics.” He responded with a bug-eyed double take.

It’s true that toward the end of Christmas break I was clicking around on the computer every now and again. I forget about things for a while then they occur to me and I will go on an interested but half-hearted quest.

One day started with a quick look for sconces to flank the portrait of Mr. Blandings, Jr., then morphed into a peek into painted French dining chairs and landed squarely with a perusal of Gio Ponti.

I blame Thomas O’Brien for my Ponti pining as the pottery in his apartment was my first glimpse of such treasures. Though I hear he is a nice guy, and not at all a cad, I don’t think he feels a bit of responsibility for introducing me to this wickedly enchanting substance. As if I needed another inky black something to covet.

There is a wonderful, wonderful vase (top) on 1st dibs, the perfect piece to begin any collection. Delightful, indeed, is Ponti’s porcelain for Robert Ginori as well, but these tiles! Oh, how they sing.
All images courtesy of 1st dibs; Gio Ponti pieces seen here can be seen here.
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15 thoughts on “Snow Day 1 of 3

  1. P-

    QUICK TIP regarding Gio Ponti…and getting a free fix.
    Next time you are in Florence–drive about 10 K outside the town (actually you go into the industrial suburbs) to SESTOFIORENTINA to the Richard Ginori factory. They have a museum there that has all the samples from centuries ago.
    The Gio Ponti series (he was assoc. with the company over decades) are very wonderful…especially the larger pieces.
    An added bonus for those who go there–Richard Ginori has a 'seconds factory' where you can find all sorts of good (and banal) things. I found some amazing hand-painted fish/coral/lobster/crab dishes with edges painted with seaweed. I found all sorts of monogrammed, mismatched, plates, doubtless samples from hotels, that I bought, most wonderful, along with seasonal plates with hand-painted and very elegant old sepia scenes of Florence and Venice.(like the Fiesole series).
    I did not find Ponti at that moment…but the adventure made up for it (and the 'seconds' pieces are are cheap…and they ship (I think…).
    Keep this tip in your 'future travel' file that you will add to your present files…and be sure to think of me as you wander, amazed, through the museum and then find cheap thrills at their shop.
    cheers, DIANE

  2. That Wii comment sounded very familiar. My son received one for Christmas and I don't think I will be able to avoid it for much longer! We are in Day 2 of our snow days. Blogging is a nice break from it all and I particularly enjoyed this post. Lovely pieces. I would say you have the right idea for snow days!
    Jeanne 🙂

  3. Oh, what a fun day. I never had a great deal of success introducing my children to cultural venues. I would have found it to be a wonderful day.

    We are south of KC, so we are in hopes of missing the 'big' snow…maybe only an inch.

  4. I love the whispering in museums insight. I think that you definitely have to try Wii after taking the boys to museums–everyone needs balance. Thanks for this fun post. Hope the weather breaks.

  5. The other day I saw a black glass cubist vase. Really starting to get obsessed with black ceramics and glass. It may be your influence. Love the vase at top.

  6. There is a fantastic big book covering all of his work put together by his daughter. I think it came out about 10 yrs ago, you will love it!

  7. My husband spent last night in KC and was supposed to drive to St. Louis this morning. Being a Southerner unaccustomed to winter driving, he booked a flight instead! I thought that was kind of funny. The second vase is fascinating. I can totally see that in his office!

  8. I was hoping for an adult snow day, but life is going on here in the tundra. I don't know if you read Chinoiserie Chic, but for this snowy day at home there's a post on Thomas Britt. May be totally old hat to you, but who can resist easily found eye candy when there are snow covered doldrums to be consoled!

  9. I have one of those horsey vases. I bought it about 30 yrs ago at a hospital thrift shop. It doesnt have any Ponti markings but the form and the figures are spot on. Its white with red trim and yellow and red figures.

  10. Thanks for the wonderful images, Mrs. B. Wow, I remember buying from 1st dibs the first year it was up and was it fun. Now, unfortunately, anything labeled "price contact dealer" fills me w/dread AND disappointment. What a shame their prices have hit the stratosphere. I want to get on a flight to Florence now to poke around the Ginori "outlet" store -lol. It's nice to think that pieces could still be found at bargain prices in thrift stores, too. Don't feel bad. Up here we're in the 20s today but we have snow coming tomorrow (again). Oh well. I can always reread your post should I get depressed.

  11. Oh, so nice to follow your thoughts around on this snow day!
    Love those Ponti pieces! Gorgeous!
    And reading the comments I will make a mental note of the factory outside… where again…ahhh, Florence!


  12. Patricia,

    Love the tiles. The graphic quality is amazing and could be used in so many ways. Always love your posts.

    Gwen Driscoll
    Ragland Hill Social

  13. Excited to see the Gio Ponti pieces. I bought a couple of Richard Ginori coffee cups on e-bay because it was the nearest I could get to GP. They aren't Ponti but they make me think of him!

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