Snow Day 2 of 3

When Megan and I had first reconnected through blogging, I emailed her an image of these Fornasetti tables and said, “Don’t you want these for that beach bungalow?” And she emailed back, “Someone would just be playing Polly Pockets on them.” To which I replied, “That’s why I’m not getting them; at my house it would be Legos.” The fact that here they sit (as I said they would not) covered in Legos (as I said they would) shows that I know my children better than I know myself.

In other news, this Waterworks faucet is discontinued. However, the Chicago showroom was incredibly helpful and sent three other options for my powder room that will likely flounder for another year. (Are you noticing the twin reflected in the mirror above? Why didn’t I keep the whole feature? We’ll never know.*)
I’m quite sure today will be equally scintillating. Perhaps more so as the boys are insisting we leave the house. Had I not watched the last of the six Thin Man movies that I recorded New Year’s Eve I might put up a fight. As it is, we may indeed have to head out. For Piero’s sake if for no others’.
* Great thanks to Things That Inspire who let me know that this home, which was featured in Veranda in the July/August issue of 2007, is on the McAlpine Tankersley website here. The photo is by Peter Vitale.
Post Script: Mr. Blandings informed me, while never taking his eyes from the football game, that William Powell grew up in Kansas City (he was born in Pittsburgh.) Apparently the elder Mr. Blandings met him at a golf tournament and declares, “He was a very nice guy.” Do you think he saves these things? I mean, we’ve been married eighteen years and nary a peep about William Powell. Who knew?
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16 thoughts on “Snow Day 2 of 3

  1. Growing up in KC and being a fan of The Thin Man, all these years I DID NOT know that William Powell had ever lived in KC much less attended Central HS with Casey Stengel! What a tidbit of information! And his love, Jean Harlow, was also from KC. (Perhaps that was another reason that they were in love — their backgrounds)

    Family legend is that when Husband Jim was growing up they lived (don't know if it was rented or bought) the house that Jean Harlow lived in (in Midtown).

    Family legends sometimes are just that — legends!

    Not only is your blog interesting to read every day but alas, you have given me a great tidbit of information on William Powell.

  2. Mrs B, you can find the whole feature on the McAlpine and Tankersley web site (the Birmingham architects who are truly among the best in the nation)! It's funny you should post this picture, I have never really noticed the faucet or sink, but I have admired the mirror(s)many times! The article notes that they are antiques.

    Here is the picture on the McAlpine site:

    Here is the whole house:

  3. The faucet is fantastic. Polished nickel is my favorite. I truly hope you find a substitute! Just noticed your new picture…it's gorgeous…really suits your blog.

  4. Love the Thin Man series, Hitchcock movies even more. I am a baby, but really sick of this weather. Art Reception postponed to next Friday night the 15th

  5. Husbands have to keep some stories for later years. It's kinda like mentioning that Dr. Phil went to Shawnee Mission High.

  6. I had an only. Can't imagine 3x the cabin fever thing! And, yes, I do think some men (my husband of almost 36 years) speak in a need to know basis. Or having endured a day of electrician hell, perhaps it's a wiring thing. Not to make light of Gio Ponti, you could take the B's to a paint your own ceramic place and have a geometry lesson with only three colors they can choose from. I am just saying, if you have to be out in this frozen mess, make it work for you! About legos: it's sculpture, don't you know?

  7. Now this little table would be a landing strip for a pink ipod. I actually had a pang of nostalgia when I read that! No more polly pockets around here these days!

    I sort of love this beautiful piece fitting itself, patiently into a family home. Like an elegant grandmother sitting on the floor playing legos with her grandchildren.

    Martha, you realize that basically everything is connected to KC? {Or so my husband is convinced}. Joan Crawford is another Hollywood legend hailing from KC- She worked on the Plaza I've read. And don't forget Ernest Hemingway's time at the Star. Oh and it's been said that both the rotary phone AND sliced bread were invented in KC…… I could go on and on.

  8. KC is chock full of talent through the years.

    and i don't know why these husbands save things then casually toss them out like little crumbs. i think to keep us interested through the years.

  9. I could burgle the Blandings house for those Fornasetti tables. Lucky you and yes, do us a favour,
    move the damn Lego!

  10. Love the table. Toys, boys, and little hands just add 'patina' and character to furnishings. I have a heavy, brass switch plate in my powder bath, which is terribly outdated (30 years. But, my daughter etched part of her name on the plate when she was five and I just can't part with it. It's become a conversation piece with house guests.

  11. Love the bathroom and the mirror.I am a great fan of Mc Alpine who also are clients of my showroom, so i clicked on the bathroom image from the Veranda story and was delighted to see that the table lamp was from our Modenature collection. I introduced Mc Alpine to our clients on friday and am thrilled as they will be doing the design and plans for their poolhouse here in New York and we will do the interiors. I am looking forward to be working with them on this project

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