Snow Day 3 of 3

As predicted, three snow days. And, no, the boys did not want to stay in on Friday and read or even play Wii for the third day. It was so cold. Too cold to go out certainly. Until their grandfather called and offered to take them to lunch when I realized that, yes, lovely, an outing might do them good.

And, once they were gone, my getting out seemed less daunting and I did some memo sample and Christmas gift returning. Doing so allowed me to tear myself from on-line shopping which had unearthed these snake sconces. Mr. Blandings and his grandfather used to hunt snakes in Colorado when Mr. B was a boy so they seemed fitting flanking the old gentleman’s portrait. The tails can be maneuvered which is particularly delightful. However, the same investment might be better spent on an entire session of braces for the middle or even a car for the eldest. They remain at 1st dibs if you have a spot and a pocketbook for them.

So, I donned my coat and hat. No, no I didn’t. I never wear a hat. If I looked like this in a hat, I would.

However, after a good bit of running around a particularly stylish friend called and said “Ihavetogetout – howaboutamovie?” Her husband thought it such a good idea he offered to drive us.

Speaking of snakes, we went to see An Education. It is the perfect combination of scintillating script, wonderful acting and divine sets. I don’t care for sets that become the star of the show. I like movie sets, but ultimately I’m there for the story. It matters. This one hits every note just right.

Surely to goodness today I will actually get something done.
All images of An Education via Sony Classics.
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18 thoughts on “Snow Day 3 of 3

  1. I can relate on every front..except on our Day 3 in snowey London I managed to pack them on a train to the Victoria and Albert museum to meet their grandmother. A fun day was had by all, myself included. I like your idea of going to a movie, I am desperate to see one. I thought An Education was great and am keen to see It's Complicated, everyone is raving! Kids are back to school today and I have a long to do list…funny how easy it is to get 'off track'. Just want to let you know I enjoy your blog and posts…Have a good day!
    Jeanne 🙂

  2. This looks like my kind of movie! I go to too many "action" pictures (husband Jim's choice) . . . we watched Separate Lies yesterday on television (in between painting) — and it was very good — another English flick. They seem to tell their story so well! (While we tend to "shoot 'em up"!

    It would be my kind of snow day as well — a great movie!

  3. My favorite snake in the grass always quips about telling his Grandchildren that "An Education" is something of supreme importance. No-one can take it away from you.
    I am going to try to to take myself away to see that movie, especially after this post.

  4. Glad your snow days are ended. Hopefully every one will get some warm, sunny days to thaw out (ie, I'm not going to mention So. Cal. weather this time). Thanks for the movie tip.

  5. I just visited the cobra sconces. They are very cool and unique, but definitely up there price-wise. I think that braces might be a better value. Thanks for the fun.

  6. Jeanne – we went to the museum last week but in my boring old car – a train would have made it oh so much better. Enjoy the quiet.

  7. Martha – I really think you – and Jim – would love it. I was a little regretful that Mr. B didn't see it. I want to own this movie. Loved it.

  8. Patricia – this is a remarkable movie based on a true story. You'll be sitting in your seat saying, "Don't get in the car!" She is too much wanting an adventure.

  9. Love this post!! We in Boston, is so verrrry cold. I heard "Education" was wonderful. I saw, "It's Complicated." Very, very funny.

  10. Patricia,

    Can't wait to see the movie. Thanks for the heads up. We had 1 snow day last week and right after being out for Christmas break it was a major challenge to keep entertainment flowing (primarily because we had no snow so nothing for the kids to do). Why a snow day you ask? We live in the South, what can I say. A flurry causes insanity among many. Hope all is well.

    Gwen Driscoll
    Ragland Hill Social

  11. I am such a weather wimp. Atlanta almost did me in! Education is on my list, as soon as I can find someone to watch the three kids. Although my oldest, Charlie, is 16, leaving him (and his raging hormones) in charge leaves something to be desired. I do believe I would be reported to child protective services (of course that may be the only chance I have to see Education!).
    Love the sconce BTW.


  12. I had to settle for Leap Year as my "gotta get out of this house" movie with my 20 year old daughter before she went back to college. It was perfect mindless entertainment….and we aren't lucky enough to have this kind of thing at local suburban mall theatre. Have to venture into town (ATL) to see it. Hard to believe that's the same actress who was giggly Kitty Bennet in P&P, her first acting job, I believe.

  13. Have heard so many good things about An Education, so your post has been the catalyst to act while it's still on the circuit. Always feel free to recommend a movie Mrs. B, I trust your judgement implicitly.
    Millie ^_^

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