Team Eddie

Some folks read one blog.  You know, someone reads a blog maybe because her friend writes it.  Some people read a few blogs.  They have a specific interest, they’ve clicked around a little.  Some people read a lot of blogs.  Like me.  I checked my blog reader and I read seventy blogs.  That’s insane.  Really.  But, all these bloggers don’t post every day and, well, I like them.

But some bloggers are friends.  Real friends.  Eddie Ross and his partner Jaithan Kochar are my real friends.  I’ve entertained, shopped, dined, cooked (well, Eddie and Mr. B cooked; Jaithan and I stood by) and laughed with these guys.

In case you missed my pitch last week, Eddie and Jaithan are involved in a contest sponsored by Bloomingdale’s and Apartment Therapy.  They’ve cooked up a little window dressing on behalf of Elle Decor and I wish you’d take the time to give them your vote.  Click here to vote on line AND text 89800 and put a “1” in the body to vote by text.  (I know, you can do both.  Go figure.)  And, if you would, do it every day until the 28th.  I know, I know, it’s a lot of days, but it is a more is more kind of town.

Once you’ve done that, hop on over to Eddie’s blog to see the process of framing that eye-catching piece of art work over the sofa.

All images courtesy of Eddie Ross.

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17 thoughts on “Team Eddie

  1. You are a true friend!!! we love you guys!!!! thank you so much for your support! We can't wait to see you on Thursday! xoxo
    Eddie + Jaithan

  2. I have been voting everyday and will continue to do so. I personally like their window very much. But truth be told, I would vote for them anyway simply because through their blog and ones like yours, I love to support people that just seem so darn talented AND nice!!!

  3. So excited for Eddie. Voting daily. Just know he is going to win because his design is supreme. Hope you are having fun.

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