Bracelets I Cannot Afford

The newest selection in the on-going series now titled, “Bracelets I Cannot Afford.”  While I love the black coral pictured above (it’s actually a necklace), I’d really like to have a bracelet made with the white branch coral pieces that I collected on my honeymoon.  I wouldn’t even need the fittings to be jewel encrusted.  That’s how grounded I am.

The necklace, and many other amazing pieces, at Kara Ross New York.

Image above from Elle, issue and photographer unknown.

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18 thoughts on “Bracelets I Cannot Afford

  1. I too would love that black bamboo necklace as a bracelet Mrs B! I'm loving these bracelet posts. I am hoping and dreaming of a beautiful present from my husband when this baby arrives, maybe I should tell him to start following your bracelet posts for some inspiration!

    Hope you are well. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog this week.


  2. While we were in Florida, I spotted some wonderfully mod looking coral in necklaces and immediately thought now that is not my Grandmother's coral. "A gift from the sea" – is always a perfect gift to give.
    Why not have those branches made into a bracelet-
    hunt around on etsy for some clever jewelry designer.
    Lots of artists need work and you could "put them on the map~"

  3. I love the idea of a bracelet made with the coral you found. There must be a local artisan who could make that happen for you. I have some prized Cape May diamonds (sea polished quartz) I found when I was a teenager (many moons ago). You are inspiring me to finally do something with them.

  4. there is a place in brookside that has a silversmith. he has made a number of things for me over the years — rocks and such i've brought in and fashioned them into chunky necklaces. i say do it! sketch something out for a bracelet and it will get your creative juices flowing for your dining room.

  5. Hi Patricia, Last year when I decided to embellish chinoiserie lanterns with rock crystal and coral and other semi-precious stone, I discovered that there are some good ebay dealers with great coral–probably not at the level of the black shown here, but still great. For Christmas last year, I made the girls (big girls) rock crystal, coral, jet, etc. (big chunks) necklaces–I loved them–they were not that different in concept than these and very DIY and affordable. Then I went to gem shows—-amazing!! Definitely do something with the found coral–it is not that difficult. Thanks for this post–now I can show the girls that my designs were really "with it"…. xo Mary

  6. Totally way off topic here: You were such a good sport about the dining room. As luck would have it yesterday I unearthed a pile (still in the death throes of bath remodel that has affected the whole house) of magazines and thereit was a fresh, unread February's Spaces. Your interview with Thomas Britt was wonderful. Having 10 minutes before Britt took center stage in any of our living rooms would have terrified the holy hell out of most of us. You handled it with grace, intelligence and good humor. And you surely will with the DR makeover.

  7. I've discovered good Vintage for the answer to the bracelets I cannot afford. Even though they are pricey, they are still less expensive than those coveted Kara Ross's! It gives me a good excuse to pound the isles at Brimfield once a year! Great site. Love your name. Loved the movie!!!

  8. Hi Patricia…if you would like, we could make the coral bracelet for you at no charge. Do you have a photo, or can you quickly take one & send it to me at my email address, .

    If you email me we can exchange phone #'s & discuss. It would be my pleasure to do this for you.

    xx's Marsha

  9. I love it when a Mother sacrifices jewelled embellishments for her children's College fund. I have an old engagement ring from That Other Husband stashed away somwhere. You are welcome to the diamonds from that dear Mrs. B if that would help your bracelet project. Can't vouch for the veracity of the stones though, MOTH's always says there's something a bit fake about TOH.
    Millie ^_^

  10. Oh, that black coral number would be tops on my list. But my favorite bracelet is the charm bracelet my parents started for me when I was 6!

  11. Hi there!

    My daughter Ella….has a close friend…..Kisa…..who makes beautiful jewelry!

    send me a picture……she can make the most divine thing out of your white branch coral…….

    I am not kidding. Amazing.!


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