Don’t Trend On Me

Normally, I would have stitched on the plane.  Stitching on planes is especially handy if you actually want to talk to the person sitting next to you.  Handier still if the person sitting next to you is the sort who continues to talk even if you are reading.

I turned my last project in to the Studio before the holidays and have yet to provide them with fabric for backing the pillow.  Without this closure I have been unable to move on to the next canvas, though three hang in my closet.  I am floundering on both fronts.

In the meantime, I saw a post on another blog about a book, Needlepoint Design by Louis J. Gartner, Jr.,  a former House & Garden editor.  So taken with the images I found there, I bought the book.

And its companion More Needlepoint Design.  (Hey, he had a good thing going with Needlepoint Design; why screw it up?)

Several readers have asked about needlepointing, creating your own canvases, finishing, etc.  It’s all in here.  Mr. Gartner was kind enough to include instructions on basic stitching and materials as well as black and white designs that he encourages his readers to modify both in form and size.

There are many engaging designs, not the least of which is the rattan chair seat that appears to need a bit of faux repair.  This is the kind of thing that delights me, this project featuring imperfection so carefully wrought.

You can find Needlepoint Design and More Needlepoint Design via a quick web search.  I acquired both volumes for under two dollars total.

All images are from the aforementioned books; I could not find a photography credit.  The scans are mine, though several of the same appear on Balustrade & Bitters.

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29 thoughts on “Don’t Trend On Me

  1. They look delightful. I find it hard to finish needlepoint projects myself. I have many unfinished ones. I don't know why as I am usually not a non – finishing type person.

    I will have to hunt out the books.

  2. OMG…I'm a needlepoint freak. I never get to do it anymore. Have a belt my husband has been begging for me to complete for months. Must get out my projects. You have inspired me. So many to finish. I love the green pillow. It's a beaut. Thanks for the source info. Really helpful. You know, we are a small club, people who actually needlepoint that is. Hope you have a great week.


  3. Wow! I am stunned by this craft, since I am so far removed from such kind of handiwork, simply being afraid I would get so hooked, I could do nothing else anymore. I have and addictive and perfectionist streak, which always wants to take over!
    But I admire it greatly, especially bespoke inworked 'imperfections'…

  4. Fabulous book. I have referenced it many a time.
    Hope you will make your own design for the next new needlepoint challenge.

  5. These are great! The needlepoint cane seat with a hole puts me in good spirits. Doen't everyone have a little spot to repair somewhere in the house? Our cat always knows where to find it!

    I am a needlepointer myself, but I have never seen patterns such as these. the photo with the malachite pillow? That image, that whole vignette, sums up me in a nutshell. I LOVE every single thing in that picture. I might print it and plaster it everywhere, maybe even in my car! ha! I am going to check out this book. I am in a rut with a Christmas stocking that is going on it's second year. I need something new and fresh. GREAT POST

  7. These images are really something. I admire anyone who can sew, knit, do needlepoint, etc…In high school I loathed my home economics class…shop class I loved!

  8. I have actually made a few canvas patterns for a few clients. They were a little involved for my level, which would be Needlepoint 101, but the finished prodects were beautiful. As were these!
    Thanks for sharing Patricia.


  9. How fabulous! I make pillows for needle pointers and you have certainly shown some great designs. Were the first two you showed your own designs? Are they a pattern that can be purchased?

    They could inspire anyone to take up this art.


  10. I have the first Gartner book and I ADORE it. And I don't needlepoint to the extent that you do and I still love the book!

  11. You had me with the first canvas, as I was waiting to find out which Blandings boy would be the proud new owner or if it was going to be a special Christmas gift for Mrs. T. Using needlepoint as a method to repair cane is brilliant, although I fear our Cesca chair bottoms are beyond hope. The skin made me think of Joni – a zebra skin would be perfect for her couch.

  12. Meg over at Pigtown gave me the heads up about this post and I will be ternally grateful! Rushing off to Amazon tout de suite to place my order for both books! Sooo intrigued with the needlepoint under the vanity glass. Whoda thunk? Swing by tomorrow for the unveiling of my most recent finished needlework project…XXOO

  13. I adore the seat cover! Full of whimsy! And your fabulous pillow! Please stop. I haven't done needlepoint in ages… I think it may be time. You are such an inspiration Patricia.

  14. I am a very lax needlepointer, still working on one Laura Ashley design since the 1980's!!!
    I used to needlepoint on vacation, until after 9/11, they threw out my lovely needlepoint scissors at the checkpoint area. Ugh.

  15. You are a very bad person. As if my bookshelves aren't groaning enough! I just rushed to Amazon and bought a copy. Obviously I have no willpower.

  16. This book is a dream. I'll try to snap a few shots of some of my past projects. Aesthete, I do apologize, but I think you'll be glad you made room for this one.

  17. Linda I lost my antique sterling needlepoint scissors as well at a Turks and Caicos security check point. You think I would have learned after a close call years earlier at a Barbados check point when babe was forced to buy a fanny pack and put them thru as checked luggage. Ce la vie. Now I resort to using my nail clippers to cut thread when flying…XXOO

  18. love these patterns! cane chair is my favorite also.

    i have a piano bench canvas 3/4 completed with plans to be converted into a long pillow for the bed. it has been sitting (in a variety) of my closets (from various places) collecting dust over the years.

  19. Great designs! I have Maggie Lane's books and adore those ("Needlepoint by Design" and "More Needlepoint by Design"…I sense a theme). I am going to have to track down a copy of the Gartner.

  20. I'm a (novice) needlepointer. I want to make a gift for some friends who are getting married soon that will somehow interweave their initials. i've been scouring the web for some place that can make a pattern for me but can't find anything. I wondered if anyone here might know of a source?

  21. Mrs. B, you never fail to make me homesick for KC. My mom (a part-timer at the Studio) and I are both needlepointers. Hilariously enough, when I first saw the Gartner book many moons ago (when the Studio was still in Brookside), I saw that malachite photo and about died. I of course ran off to find my own used copy. Seeing all the above comments echoing my own makes me realize: great minds really do think alike!

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