Gifts from the Heart

The Nelson-Atkins announced last week that the museum will receive 400 works from 75 patrons in honor of its 75th anniversary.  Included in this outstanding outpouring of support is the promise of the Marion and Henry Bloch Collection of Impressionist Masters.  Some of you may remember these pieces from the celebration of the opening of the Bloch building.

Adele and Donald Hall have donated seven pieces of their African art collection. (The Halls invited museum director and CEO, Marc Wilson, to choose six.  After his selection he had chooser’s remorse; the Halls graciously offered up the piece that caused the regret.)

The opening of the exhibit celebrating these gifts, which will feature 140 pieces, is this Saturday, February 13th.  You can find out more about specific gifts and ticket information (for non-members) at the Nelson’s site here.  A perfect escape from this frozen tundra for your Valentine.
Images from top, Pierre Bonnard The White Cupboard, 1931, from the Bloch collection; Salt Cellar, Ivory, Sierra Leone, late 15th – early 16th century, from the Hall collection; Akio Takamori, Kanzan, 2006 from the Lennie and Jerry Berkowitz collection.
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8 thoughts on “Gifts from the Heart

  1. We are so fortunate to have the greatest art collectors, patrons, and museums in Kansas City. This is a do not miss event!

  2. Can't decided which to choose for my personal colection–the Pierre Bonard makes my heart sing with love, but the salt cellar is the height of exquisite. How little we know of African cultures prior to European exploitation and slavery. Please show me more. Thanks.

  3. Karena – I completely agree.

    Mary – these were my top three, but there is oodles of good stuff.

    North – Love your enthusiasm; wait for Spring. It's horrible here right now. Blech.

    Martha – I've taken to strolling in once every two weeks or so. It's so soothing.

  4. I first went to the Nelson-Atkins while I was in college and thought how wonderful it would be to live close enough to drop in at will. It is and I do. By the way, if you ever go back to Oklahoma, the Hugh Newell Jacobsen addition to the OU museum of art is amazing.

  5. Who knew there was so much happening in KC. I will take your advice, however, and wait until spring to visit. We drive through MO at least twice a year en route to visiting my inlaws in Oklahoma – a quick detour may be in order! Marija

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